The Political Work of Andrea McWilliams

Austin’s political scene is very broad, with many people being involved one way or another. In politics, there are people called lobbyists. Lobbyists are individuals who go before politicians in their state and fight for the issues that are concerning the citizens. Lobbyists also work to enact laws based on what the public wants. There are many lobbyists for both sides. Lobbyists also work to raise money for certain causes they believe in. In the state of Texas, there is one lobbyist who has garnered the respect and the loyalty after years of hard work. That person’s name is Andrea McWilliams.

Andrea McWilliams started her career quite early. At 21 years old, she became Chief of Staff for a politician. She then went on to work for Public Strategies, Inc. She has been on almost every mainstream news media outlet, including BBC, CNN, NPR, FOX News, and Newsweek. Andrea McWilliams has been profiled in numerous Texas publications and she is a known political commentator.

Today, Andrea McWilliams, along with her husband Dean McWilliams, founded a firm called McWilliams. McWilliams is a firm that specializes in governmental affairs. They employ consultants to handle government issues. Their firm is respected on a federal and state level.

Andrea McWilliams is known for philanthropy as much as she is known for her political career. She has served on numerous boards for non-profit organizations. She has worked with Susan G. Komen Foundation to get fundraising efforts underway for breast cancer research. She is also a mentor to young women in the Austin, Texas area. Andrea McWilliams has won numerous awards from the Texas Chamber of Commerce, the Austin Business Journal and the Girl Scouts of Texas. Her awards were given to her based on her hard work and dedication to the community of Central Texas.