GoBuyside Helps To Provide A Quality Network For Investment Management Firms

Within the world of investment management, firms face several challenges with regards to the recruiting process. One of the most considerable challenges these firms face involves networking. Paradoxically, in a more interconnected and social-media driven world, it is becoming harder for firms to expand their networks. As it turns out, although it may seem easy to reach out to individuals using social media, these interactions rarely result in finding quality candidates. The trend is that entrepreneurs are finding little success by networking through social media.

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So the question becomes, how can investment management firms successfully network in a world saturated with social media? A great way for investment management firms to combat this networking challenge is by working with recruiting firms. Specifically, successful recruiting firms that will not depend heavily on social media. GoBuyside is one example of a recruiting firm that does not focus on making connections through social media. The founder and managing partner of GoBuyside, Arjun Kapur has a different approach to the recruiting process. Kapur states, “I avoid social media and am not an active user of any platform. I constantly think about my clients’ businesses and their market environments.” This more individualized approach provides a different method to networking and ultimately finding quality candidates.

As stated previously, today investment management firms face great challenges when it comes to networking. Social media is very prevalent, but should not be heavily relied on throughout the recruiting process. Successful recruiting requires a more individualized approach, a strategy similar to that of GoBuyside.

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