EOS Lip Balm is Great for all 5 Senses, Taste Especially

One of the great things about EOS Lip Balms is the fact that it is kind of a treat for all five senses. Clearly, the adorable little spheres are a treat for sight, as they have become a staple to women everywhere and often sit out prominently on bathroom counters, night stands or work desks as a reminder to take care of your lips. Next, the touch of EOS lip balm is ergonomic and fun compared to traditional lip balms and the soft click as it opens and closes is a soothing little extra for hearing. The two most important are smell and taste, as this line of balms is not only known for its super moisturizing power but for its incredible variety of exquisitely designed flavors.

EOS is known for the purity of its ingredients, which include natural elements like shea butter and jojoba oil. The company also has a line that is purely organic and all products are gluten free. Genuine EOS lip balm products here on amazon.de.

Among the line of the original Organic Smooth Spheres are Passion Fruit, a delightfully refreshing burst of fruit in a light purple colored case, sweet mint, which is the perfect combination of a burst of mint and a delicate sweetness in a mint colored case, strawberry sorbet, which is in a light pink case and perfectly masters the taste of natural strawberries with the sweetness of a sorbet. See also ebay.com to shop EOS products. Continuing on, there is honeysuckle honeydew, which is in a light green case and is a very mild yet fragrant flavor, blueberry acai, which is a bolder taste that really highlights the blueberry, and perhaps the most known flavor, summer fruit, in its bold hot pink case that has all the deliciousness and spice of an exotic summer fruit.

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EOS also offers a line of Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres and Shimmer Smooth Spheres that offer additional elements on top of their original line of organic lip balms.