Talkspace – Therapy of The Future

Talkspace is a groundbreaking app that provides remote therapy. The app allows people to connect with licensed therapists almost anytime and anywhere. It’s convenient, affordable and breaks down the barriers that frequently stop individuals from seeking help.


Talkspace is available on PC, Android and iOS devices. Users can choose between text, voice, or video-based sessions. Some opt to have a single video session a week, supplemented by weekly text check-ins. If you want to talk, you have options – regardless if you’re home or on the go. This flexibility makes it possible for you to have communication with a licensed professional round-the-clock.

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Therapy is notoriously expensive; however, Talkspace plans begin as low as $49 a week for individuals, and $79 a week for couples. More information on pricing can be found on the official website. There’s also Talkspace for teens. With Talkspace’s deals, quality mental healthcare is within reach without breaking the bank.


Once you sign up, Talkspace carefully matches you to a therapist. No two therapists are alike; they all have different specialities and personalities. Talkspace ensures you’re paired to the best therapist for you. Once chosen, your therapist can be contacted anytime via direct message. Gone are the days of having to wait for your appointment; take your issues to your therapist as they’re happening, not in the aftermath.


Talkspace therapists have all the training and knowledge of traditional, in-person therapists. If you have a problem or concern, your custom Talkspace therapist will most likely have an answer. You can rely on them the way you would any other therapist. You can rest assured knowing your mental well-being is being looked after by licensed, professional counselors.

Getting to traditional therapy is sometimes hard. There’s the matter of cost, scheduling, transportation, not to mention the dread that accompanies walking into that office. Talkspace takes the burden out of therapy. As long as you have wi-fi, you can talk to a therapist. Talkspace keeps the lines of communication open, and makes your therapy sessions work for you.



Agera Energy’s Contract with Cambridge City

Agera Energy LLC is a retail energy supplier headquartered in 555 Pleasantville Rd, Bradcliff Manor NY 10510. It supplies 1.8 million customers both retail and commercial with electricity and natural gas.

In July 2017, the city of Cambridge Massachusetts entered into a contract with Agera Energy whereby Agera Energy was to supply the residents and businesses of the city with energy for the next 18 months.

The Cambridge Community Electricity Program saw the city put to use the bulk buying power of the entire community to negotiate with Agera Energy a better price for the supply of electricity. Agera Energy would purchase electricity from different electricity producers and sell it to the residents and businesses in Cambridge. The electricity would be distributed to the city’s residents, for a small fee, by the local electric utility company Eversource.

Agera Energy was to purchase at least 25% of the electricity to be supplied from renewable energy. This was higher than the 12% required by Massachusetts. All residents who were already enrolled in Eversource basic services became automatically enrolled in the Cambridge Community Electricity Program standard green option of 10.486 cents/KWH. Residents were also given the option of enrolling in 100% green providing 100% renewable energy electricity for 12.180cents/KWH. In addition to that, residents were given the option to opt out of this program at any time and with no penalty. The contract between Cambridge City and Agera Energy ended in January 2019.

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