Malcolm CasSelle Expects Big Things Between The Videogame Industry and Cryptocurrency

When you think of Cryptocurrency you may not jump to the next closest topic being that of Gaming or video games. The relationship between the two is closer than you could imagine. The global leader of in-game virtual assets, that is things like skins on Counter-Strike, apparel on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and other cosmetic items in a variety of games is OPSkins. It is no coincidence that they are also the largest bitcoin merchant in the entire world.

OPSkins has started a new blockchain platform aimed at the massive video game asset trading market called WAX (Worldwide Asset Xchange). This blockchain focuses on a niche, namely gamers and those who collect video game digital assets but it is a niche that is by no means a small one. It may be a special group, but it’s quite the behemoth. The global video game industry is currently valued upwards of a $100 Billion and it shows no signs of slowing down. It is this niche that WAX looks to satisfy with their blockchain focusing purely on digital assets and solving the issues that currently plague the market like fragmentation of the market, fraud, legal boundaries and permissions.

WAX is headed up by Malcolm CasSelle as the president of the blockchain platform and is also the current Chief Information Officer (CIO) of OPSkins. Malcolm CasSelle has the experience to lead the platform thanks to his education from prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University.

He followed up his impressive education with a stellar career, which has been nothing short of amazing with him being in a leadership role at various digital companies with his portfolio including the likes of Xfire, MediaPass, and even Groupon’s Chinese collaboration with Tencent. He also brings with him the experience of being an early and active investor in massive digital success stories like Facebook and Zynga.

In fact, PCCW, a company Malcolm started during the early days is now valued at over $35 Billion. His credentials are astounding and his vision and forethought have him convinced that the Gaming industry holds the key to the Cryptocurrency boom. With him at the helm at WAX, you wouldn’t want to bet against his judgement!