Ellipse USA Co-Founder Jon Urbana Releases Creative Videos

Jon Urbana, co-founder of Ellipse USA and founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, has released a number of creative videos online to share his artistic ideas. Jon’s videos share his interests with his followers and give the world a look at his life outside of business. His interests include flying, travel, skiing, and video editing as well as photography. Jon lives in Denver, CO and many of his videos feature the nearby area. Most of them are posted to his official website at jonurbana.com.

Four months ago, Jon posted a video to his Vimeo page that shows his passion for the great outdoors. The video shows Rocky Mountain National Park and snow covered mountains from a wide angle that includes many peaks and tree covered mountainside. The video also features close ups of a flowing creek and waves of overgrown grass fields. Jon contrasts clips of the mountain peaks with the valley floor and the slow moving water that travels through it. He titled the video, “A Fall Morning at Rocky Mountain National Park.”

A video from Rochester, NY featuring the Kodak tower was made by Jon Urbana and posted to his About.me page in December. The 30 second video shows shows a static view of the top of the 19 story Kodak tower which is part of the larger Rochester skyline. Clouds pass by the tower in a time-lapse style video with a bright blue sky in the background.

In a tribute to Jon’s love for the outdoors and one of his fundraisers, Jon recently posted a close-up video of an adult black cat. In the video, a full sized black cat lays in the sunlit grass relaxing on it’s stomach and meowing gently. The video is a tribute by Jon to the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society which primarily benefits orphaned cats in the Denver, CO area. Jon currently has another related video up which details how the ARAS can be supported.

Jon Urbana’s passion for flying is shown in another video posted to his Vimeo, a scene from a recent flight with clouds and an airplane wing silently passing through the sky. In the video’s caption Jon says, “There’s no better view than from the sky.”