Avi Weisfogel Helps Others

He started off as a dentist, but Avi Weisfogel knew that he was destined to do more with his life. His first dental practice was named Old Bridge Dental Care, and he located it in New Jersey because he wanted to be close to his family. Avi was a great dentist who was loved by his patients. They honored him with the “Best Dentist” award on many occasions.


Avi was known for being a scholar. He attended Rutgers University. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and in Psychology before going on to get his Dentist degree at New York University. Avi was not content to be just a dentist, and he knew there had to be a way to help more people who were suffering from dental related problems. This prompted Avi to found Dental Sleep Masters. He began holding seminars where he trained other medical professionals on how to treat sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. Over the past 16 years, Avi has gained a great deal of experience in dentistry and applies that knowledge to the training of dental professionals.


In 2011, Avi saw another opportunity to help people. Mann founded “Healthy Heart Sleep”. Its purpose is to gather information on how patients suffer in order to provide them with better care. Avi is a believer in charity. He supports Operation Smile. When he saw that organization, it touched his heart. He maintains a GoFund Me page where others can make donations to help children in the Philippines who were born with cleft palates to live normally. This program is now supported by thousands of medical professionals all over the world. Children in 60 different countries are being helped by medical professionals like Avi.


Surprisingly, Avi Weisfogel is also a hip hop artist. He is active in Soundcloud where he shares his music with his audience. He loves dope beats and has a deep internal motivation create and share music with the world. Even though he is a late addition to the music world, he still wants to break through as an artist. Avi is definitely the coolest dentist, hip hop artists, and philanthropist you could ever meet.