How Meriwether Helps Businesses Expand Their Market

The Meriwether Group is an Oregon-based firm that provides accelerator programs to start up entrepreneurs. Historically, the firm has up leveled a wide range of businesses from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. Meriwether has an office in San Francisco that caters to the technological facet of the firm’s operation. The office also serves clients from the close by Silicon Valley. Some of the services available from the company include brand development, licensing, manufacturing, sourcing of resources, sales, content creation, publication, and global growth. Apart from focusing on the provision of accelerator programs, Meriwether offers business managers and entrepreneurs with various capitalization packages, financial advisory and strategic vision boards.

The firm began operating under the initiation of David Howitt, who currently serves as its chief executive officer. In 2015, David’s son Sawyer Howitt joined the company to act as the business strategy analyst. Sawyer Howitt developed the RFID solution and earned a promotion to project manager two years after his recruitment. He is set to develop an upgraded RFID system that eliminates the need for customers to check out in retail stores.

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Meriwether customizes its solutions to fit the needs of every client. The founder David Howitt considers Meriwether as an additional tool to the fundamentals of a firm. Over the years, they have developed disruptive brands that have catapulted the growth of startups and expansion of established businesses. Meriwether has an avid interest in the state of mind of their clients and the well-being of the community. They have recruited wellness expert Tina Leigh to offer intuitive and science proven support and mentorship to clienteles. Some of the recipients of Meriwether’s accelerator program are ABC Kitchen, ABC Cocina, Little Big Burger, and Voodoo Doughnut.

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