Reputation Management President Honored

In a press release June 8th, respected awards group PR World Awards honored Darius Fisher with their “Business Development Individual of the Year” award. This award is highly sought after by individuals in the public relations field, and Darius Fisher is the latest in a long line of exemplary individuals to receive it. The PR World Awards are part the SVUS Awards, a long-running effort to recognize outstanding individuals in business in Silicon Valley.

Fisher founded Status Labs, an internationally renowned marketing and public relations firm, and he led a more than 900% increase in revenue from 2012 to present. The company’s main specialty is in the online landscape, creating relatable and engaging marketing campaigns for several Fortune 500 companies. The cultivation of an affluent and powerful customer base is the cornerstone of Status Labs’ business, and they do their business very well.

Status Labs (and Fisher, by extension) cultivates an upbeat work environment by offering incentives and awards to its many employees, and making team-building exercises a key part of the work day. Through this Fisher creates a firm base for the company to grow, and with long-term goals and astute planning, it remains a company on the rise. Status Labs is a driving force in both search engine optimization and digital marketing, and they provide services to over 1500 companies across the world.

With the PR World Awards dinner taking place on June 27th, it’s no wonder Fisher is excited and feeling somewhat vindicated. “It’s an honor to be named a Gold winner by PR World Awards in this esteemed category,” Fisher said in a statement. “…that’s why this recognition is not only a testament to my efforts in the industry, but to the efforts of my entire team at Status Labs.” Fisher also received PRWeek’s Innovation 50 award in 2015. Follow Status Labs on Twitter @statuslabs to learn more.

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Darius Fisher’s Effective Crisis Management

Darius Fisher has made a name for himself as a business owner and entrepreneur. He started his business to work for himself and control operations. At the time, he was working as a copywriter, but he gave up that job start his affairs. Darius believes input all attention in selling to ensure the business grows. According to him, the one thing every business person should always keep in mind is finding the quickest way to the money. He has managed to grow his business from a small start into a global organization. Quitting his job was probably the smartest decision he ever made in his career.

Fisher is the co-founder of Status Labs and the company’s current president. Status Labs deals with the management of firms reputations online with its headquarters in New York and Sao Paolo. The company helps its clients manage their digital presence; repairing digital presences that have been affected by the formulation of strategies and managing the digital crisis in general. The company does the management for public figures like politicians, CEOs among others. Currently, the company provides its services to approximately 1500 clients in 35 countries.

Fisher came up with the idea of Status Labs seeing how many people were ruined by negative information, in particular on the internet. He stated that his company aimed to give its clients a second chance but specified that they have moral standards which they do not compromise. To get the business off the ground, he formed cooperative partnerships with agencies and influential individuals. He further brought in professional management teams in both sales and accounts, the members of these teams were both domestic and international.

Darius Fisher is a graduate with honors from Vanderbilt University. He has been recognized as a rising star in digital communications and public relations in Innovation 50’s list. He has also been highly recognized by New York Times and Yahoo! News for the way his company handled the Ashley Madison hack and helped those affected. Having experienced a crisis himself, he can understand what his clients go through, deal with the crisis and help restore reputations.

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