Search Engines Are About to Make Some Big Changes

Most aspects of computing are constantly changing. Video card drivers tend to get updates on a monthly basis. Operating systems will usually have some big advances every couple years. And in general computers tend to be one of the fastest expanding parts of modern life.

But there’s one surprising exception to this general rule. And it’s even more surprising for the fact that it’s firmly in the middle of one of the most used aspects of the modern computer.

Basically, search engines haven’t changed much over the years. There’s been some important changes on the backend of how search engines work. But even there things tend to be fairly static. A combination of database usage and human fact checking round out most search engines. But it’s easy to show just how limiting search engines can be.

One simply needs to consider how one would approach a shopping situation centered on a new chair. The specifics really aren’t that important. This example will work equally well with shoes, pictures, tables or almost anything that requires a visual description.

One should imagine what would happen if he or she were staying at a nice inn for the weekend. During the time there she notices a great looking chair. Nobody working that weekend knows where it was purchased or what model it is. But nonetheless, the person in question is eager to buy a similar chair for herself.

Most people will instantly assume that it’d be a simple matter to find it for sale using a search engine. And no matter what the specific item is, this is where the problems begin.

The simple fact is that it’s almost impossible to find an item for sale through a search engine if it’s something whose unique factors are visual search. One can appreciate a great chair.

But it’s hard to put into words what makes a chair unique. And this goes for a huge amount of various other things one might want to purchase or find information about.

But one company thinks that they have the answer to this problem. A company called Slyce is innovating within the realm of visual search engines. Other companies have made the attempt before.

But Slyce seems to have figured out exactly what the technology needs in order to both thrive and get wider adoption. They’ve created an easily integrated system which anyone can make use of within their existing search engines.

This means that a company simply needs to licence the technology with Slyce and they’ll almost instantly be able to accept photographs within their search engines with respect to product recognition. To return to the previous example, a furniture company paired with Slyce would be able to accept a picture of that mysterious chair.

Slyce’s software would analyze it and compare it with the chairs sold by the company. It would then direct the person looking for information to the sales page for the chair. And Slyce can enable almost any store’s search engine to accept this type of data.