Michael Zomber’s Unique Place in Storytelling and Preserving the Past

Michael Zomber has the kind of resume you don’t see every day. First and foremost a storyteller, he has written dozens of screenplays and historical fiction novels, including Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War and Shogun Iemitsu. On top of this, he strives to preserve history and has been collecting antique armor and arms for over 40 years. His expertise on this subject is widely known, with guest spots on the History Channel‘s Guns of the Famous and Guns of the Orient.

He is an internationally recognized authority on Japanese samurai swords, with a vast collection and the dedication to preserving the histories of armed conflicts. Because of his education on war and the tools of conflict, he is virulently anti-war and supports NGO’s that aim to prevent armed conflict throughout the world.

Arms and armor have been prized by many for centuries. Great leaders have commissioned art in the form of armor and arms, and Thomas Jefferson himself said, “One loves to possess arms”. Zomber continues the tradition of valuing and prizing tools of armed conflict for their historical, artistic, and monetary value. He strives to sell arms to those that recognize the value of these artifacts for future generations and hopes to find stewards like himself that will preserve his collections for our children.

Alongside Michael Zomber’s passion for history, his screenplays and historical novels are still in print and showcase his immense knowledge of history and war. Shogun Iemitsu in particular is a great love story told in the time of the Japanese samurai and dazzles with its breadth of historical accuracy and attention to detail. Jesus and the Samurai, his only non-fiction work, is a fascinating study of early Christianity and how it helped shape and mold Japanese samurai values. His forthcoming book, Soul of the Samurai, is a contemporary story about travelers of space and time that are united by their love of Zen Buddhism.  Follow Michael on his Facebook, and read more about his life in his website biography.