OSI Group – The Best Food Company In America

OSI Group is a privately owned company that deals with meat and food processing. The company has its international headquarter in Illinois. It supplies food items such as bacon, beef, seafood, sausage, cheese based products, pork, dough, and vegetables as well. Most of its manufacturing facilities are located in Asia, Europe, and America. OSI Group was founded in 1909 under the name Otto Kolschwsky Meat Market. In 1928, the company changed its name to Otto & Sons, which was later changed to OSI Industries in 1975.

It is not a surprise that OSI Group is one of the top 100 food companies in America. The company is efficient and trustworthy with its services, and it provides customers with excellent food options to choose from. Furthermore, OSI Group is strongly committed to sustainability.

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They always ensure that quality assurance and food safety is not surpassed. They consider their customers like family, and they have learned to trust the product of OSI Group. OSI Group is always striving for innovation and improved methods when it comes to food and meat processing. The company is exploring innovative ideas and solutions because it understands what it means by acting with integrity at all cost. In that case. OSI Group will continue to remain at the top as long as they deliver their services with integrity.

Acquisition of Baho Food gave OSI Group a broader presence in the Europe Market. Baho Food is a Dutch manufacturer of snacks, convenience food, and deli meats. It has five subsidiary companies with processing plants in the Netherland and Germany. The five subsidiary companies are Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, and Henri van de Bilt. For the purpose of strategic growth, the Managing Director of Baho Food, Mr. John Balvers and his group of managers will continue to work with OSI group.

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