Jason Hope as a futurist

Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist based in Arizona. He is popular for his approach towards philanthropy and commentary about future technologies. Hope has always loved technology. He has been studying the trends and predicting what is likely to happen in the future. All this information he has been sharing with the business people who need it the most for business purposes. He guides business owners to know where technology is headed and how they can prepare in advance. It is obvious in the modern day that no matter rigid a business is, the impact of modern technology cannot be overcome. There is no way a business can survive while ignoring the technologies that are coming into the sector. Any business that does not align its goals with the technologies of the future risks becoming obsolete.

Jason Hope has predicted the internet of things to be the best technology that has ever taken place in the world. The wave that shall be created by this technology will be so huge that it will overcome any other technology that exists. Electronic devices will now be in a position to connect to a network and connect with other devices. This connection will lead to sharing of information among devices to the extent that they can complete a task with minimal to no human intervention.

Jason Hope has published an eBook that contains the most basic information about the internet of things to educate the people about this new technology that is taking the world by storm. Mr. Hope expects this technology to advance to the extent that we shall have fully smart cities where everything shall be controlled by electronic devices interconnected. It will be like nothing we have ever seen in the past but will come with so many advantages, some that we have never thought about.

Jason Hope was born in Tempe, Arizona. He attended the Arizona State University for his bachelor in finance and later W.P Carey School of Business for his MBA. In his career as an entrepreneur, Jason has focused on tech businesses. He formerly owned a mobile technology company.

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Neurocore – Why People should Join their Brain Training Programs?

People who have received alternative mental health treatment from Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have found it to be really useful in getting their mental health issues. If you are suffering from any mental health issues for long and need relief without having to spend a fortune on conventional therapies that may or may not work, then try going through the brain training program by Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. The organization has become a leading authority in the field of applied neurosciences and has helped hundreds and thousands of people since its inception in 2004.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have developed new age techniques to treat mental health using advanced biofeedback technology, which helps in understanding how the brain works and how its functions can be improved and corrected.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have invested millions over the years in finding an innovative alternative treatment for mental health care, and it would undoubtedly give you the relief you are looking for. The company believes that once the treatment is routed through the inner workings of the brain, it helps in getting the results faster.

The reviews left by the patients who have obtained treatment from Neurocore shows all the signs of how the organizations’ treatment has become a mainstream option for mental health treatment in today’s date.

Neurocore also want to raise awareness about the need for brain training for people and how it can help people live a healthier life. For that, the company has a dedicated YouTUbe channel where it posts about all its training programs so that people can make the right decision.

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Richard Liu Outlines The Start Of His Company At World Economic Forums Annual Meeting

Richard Liu, the founder of JD.com recently took to the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting to talk about his company and the growth and potential within the e-commerce industry across the world.

The interview starts out by Richard Liu giving his account on the emergence of this multi-billion dollar company. Richard Liu had always been someone who was passionate about doing something to its fullest. He always wanted to make a name for himself and was taught the values of hard work at an early age. He attended University but soon realized that the skills being imparted here were not adequate enough to keep up with the real world. This led him towards coding, and he taught himself a number of programming languages during this time.

After University, he proceeded to work at a company that sold a number of health products across East Asian markets. Staying true to his values, he worked hard to reach one of the most prominent positions within the company. After reaching these positions, he realized that his true interest was in leading his own company. He decided to leave his corporate position and started to build his own company. He started out with one store that sold genuine products at a time where Chinese markets were filled with counterfeits and knock-offs. His shop was successful, even though it was on a small scale.

The SARS outbreak was when Liu experienced a true shift in perspective. Being homebound during this time seriously impacted his business, and caused sales to drop. However, he realized that if people had a way to shop from home, an occurrence like this would not plummet sales. This led him to shift his entire business from a brick and mortar store to an e-commerce retailer. Within no time, the site took off and started to see a much wider range of customers than it ever saw before.

Ever since JD.com first came up, it has risen to become one of the more prominent names within the e-commerce industry. The vision and determination of Richard Liu to succeed was something that truly impacted the overall growth that the company saw, truly making JD.com an e-commerce giant.

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Led By David Zalik, GreenSky Credit Is A Fintech Company Heading Higher

The name David Zalik doesn’t mean anything to the average person. If Zalik could maintain that anonymity, then he definitely would remain in the background. However, he founded financial technology company GreenSky Credit in 2006. His company has grown from a small fintech company into one of the darlings of the industry. It’s a profitable company with a bright future, and 2018 could be the best year for the company yet.

A Relatively Unknown Company By Today’s Standards

As a fintech company, most people would expect GreenSky Credit’s name to be plastered everywhere. Zalik started the company over a decade ago and has remained behind the scenes since then. He has resisted going public or taking on major institutional investors to grow the company. In fact, Zalik maintains a majority of the ownership in his company, which is somewhat uncommon among fintech companies.

What Service Does The Company Provide?

GreenSky Credit is a fintech company rather than a lender. The company works with nearly 20,000 contractors across the country. When these contractors visit a homeowner, they offer services for home improvement projects. From there, Zalik’s company connects potential borrowers with banks willing to lend the necessary funds. GreenSky provides up to $65,000 for each home improvement project.

Contractors can secure a loan approval for a homeowner in seconds. For interested homeowners, a contractor takes their information and plugs it into a smartphone app. The app connects with GreenSky Credit and its network of banks. An approval comes in less than 60 seconds, and then homeowners are ready to renovate their homes. Typically, contractors pay GreenSky a commission, and banks pay a service fee as well.

A Great Setup With Very Little Risk

Since GreenSky Credit doesn’t own the loans, the company faces little risk. A default on a loan doesn’t hurt the company as much as the bank. Still, it’s necessary to point out that positive loan performance means the bank provides more money to GreenSky. The company profits from both contractors and the lenders without assuming much risk. A long-term loan provides an ongoing source of revenue for the company each year.

Rumors Of An Initial Public Offering Arise For GreenSky

GreenSky Credit recently made the first steps toward making an initial public offering. The company has been private since its inception in 2006. By going public, Zalik and GreenSky stand to make a lot of money. An IPO isn’t guaranteed but does show how successful the company has been to this point. Annual revenue reached $250 million in 2017 and is expected to hit $400 million for 2018. With such an incredible business model, Zalik’s company stands to keep making more and more money as time goes on.


Jason Hope and Anti Aging Research

Jason Hope: An Entrepreneur with Anti-aging vision

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor, and a philanthropist. He graduated with a degree in finance from Arizona State University. He also earned MBA from college’s W.P Carey School of Business. He is passionate about giving back to his community and technology. He started a mobile communication company at the beginning of his career. Jason has a keen interest in politics along with his charitable and business enterprises locally and nationally.

Jason hope is a role model in his community. As a philanthropist, he strongly believes in investing in his local community of Arizona through charitable organizations. He feels obligated to donate to the welfare of others because of his strong financial footing. Jason is a successful business owner and entrepreneur who believes strongly in investing his resources, time and money to charitable organizations. He is very passionate about giving back to the community and donating to charitable organizations that are committed to improving the future of mankind. Jason is highly involved in anti-aging research and he supports organizations that engage in the fight to minimize the effects of aging thereby helping people to live healthier and longer lives. His aim is to help communities in Arizona to flourish and will continue to support charitable organizations and projects with his time and resources to further the good course.

Internet of things is a ground-breaking idea from the world of the computer that examines how devices that are linked to the internet exchange data with one another while interacting with people. He believes the ground-breaking innovation has improved several industrial areas leading to improved production, efficiency and automation and it can now complete various tasks that were impossible previously. The internet of things includes every type of network of devices to the internet such as laptops, smartphones, smart homes, tablets and wearable devices and vehicles to mention few. Jason reveals the challenges that the internet of things presents and the principal applications of the Internet of Things technologies in homes and businesses.

Jason is committed to helping the future generation entrepreneurs who are interested in technology. He offers grants to college students to help bring their technological ideas into reality. He encourages those who have great ideas but lack support to reach out to him for help. He believes in investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs who have great ideas that will become technological breakthroughs. He believes in investing in the future and he is always searching new ways people can use technology to their advantage. As a man with a vision for the future, he works with individuals and businesses as they develop and plan ground-breaking technological advancements.

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Jason Hope Supports Foundation to Extend Human Lifespan

There’s an old saying, “You can’t take it with you.” Obviously, when people die they leave their money behind. Until now, death has been accepted as a “given” in life. And most people still believe that everybody will die. However, a few advanced pioneers and visionaries now believe humanity will soon be able to use advances in medicine and biotechnology to extend human lifespan indefinitely. One of those visionaries is Aubrey de Grey, co-founder of the SENS Research Foundation. He has dedicated his life and fortune to finding a “cure” for aging even though mainstream medicine refuses to recognize aging as a disease.

One of the greatest supporters of de Grey and SENS is Jason Hope, an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and philanthropist from Scottsdale, Arizona, who began supporting SENS in December 2010 with a donation of $500,000, and his helped advanced the work of SENS ever since. Hope grew up in Tempe, Arizona. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Arizona State University. He earned a Masters in Business Administration from the Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business. He began his career by starting up a company in the field of mobile technology. He now spends his time supporting technology startups, promoting the best interests of businesses in Arizona, philanthropy and following his passion for biotechnology and other technologies that are creating the future. He has written extensively on the Internet of Things, and how it is going to transform the world. He has also written extensively on biotechnologies and ways to extend human health and lifespan, preventing aging.

SENS announced it would dedicate Hope’s initial $500,000 donation to researching ways to reduce and prevent advanced glycation end-products in people. These occur when proteins bond to each other, creating flesh that is stiffer than it should be. They are visible as brown liver or age spots on the skin of older people. However, they also occur in other parts of the human. In the endothelial lining of the arteries, AGEs stiffen the walls of the blood vessels, causing high blood pressure. Medicine has created AGE-breaker drugs for mice, but no AGE-breakers for human use, yet. When the breakthrough happens, that will greatly benefit seniors with high blood pressure, poor circulation and diabetes. It will also help prevent blindness. Researchers have identified the most common AGE in people, glucosepane. Thanks to Hope, SENS scientists can now search for ways to defend us against glucosepane.

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Jason Hope: Making IoT Experts

Every day countless Americans depend on technology to carry out their days. They communicate with spouses, plan trips, and check their e-mails. Many people stand in line for the next big thing or have purchased home assistants that let them gather information by simply asking the device. This new technology with IoT gives consumers an easy, hands-free world that they are keen to explore. Futurist Jason Hope sees the world that IoT can offer. While they are already wildly successful, Hope has looked at the growth of these IoT related devices and believes that they are going to explode in popularity very soon.

Jason Hope is a graduate of Arizona State University, where he received his undergraduate degree in Finance. He later returned to ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business to obtain his MBA. While these qualifications indicated a successful early career, his experience is what has made him an expert in his field. After starting a technology business in mobile communications, Hope began to expand into other areas. He eventually took up investing and biotechnology. He has also become a very dedicated philanthropist. His portfolio of companies continues to grow, and he has proven that he is very good at anticipating the technology markets. Truly, if Jason Hope believes that IoTs are the future, consumers can take that to the bank.

Hope’s e-book is just another brilliant work in a string of his successes. The difference with this project is that Hope wants to bring his tech-savvy methods to his readers. The book, “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” is a wonderful resource for many people that might be looking for more information on the IoT. It is available for purchase on Amazon.com for immediate use. In it, he talks about how to use IoT devices and the future of the network. He also discusses security, which is on the minds of a lot of people in this technological society.

Hope explains in this book that the IoT, is simply the network that allows devices to remain interconnected. This can be smartphones or tablets, even cars. It has grown in popularity over the years with the introduction of smart appliances and even smart houses. According to Hope, the future is in these types of devices. It is his hope that he can prepare his readers for this future now and give them a leg up amongst their peers. Through Hope’s e-book, anyone can become an expert.

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Jason Hope Sets Sights on the Internet of Things

Jason Hope would probably scoff if you called him the future of the tech industry but in the back of your minds, you both would realize it is potentially true. Hope is a world renowned futurist, a public speaker, and a published author. He is also a talented entrepreneur who has been turning the mobile processing world upside down through his work with the company Jawa, his own start up. For years now Jason Hope has been focusing on establishing method that monitors market trends and helps him to target disruptive technology in order to come out ahead of the pack. Using these methods he has stumbled upon perhaps his biggest target yet: the Internet of Things.

Whether you are addicted to latest Silicon Valley news or not, you probably are already at least moderately aware of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is a concept that explains how all of our technology and our daily life objects interface with the internet. Now, we aren’t speaking just of your traditional devices like your cell phone or your laptop. We are talking about your shoes. Your refrigerator. Your house lights. Jason Hope believes that the internet will become such a potent part of our lives that it will interface with everything — and we mean everything.

For Jason Hope the Internet of Things offers the best of all worlds. It is a tech revolution that will inspire, inform, and educate our day to day lives. Imagine a world where everything was made as efficiently as possible. Now imagine a world where that efficiency has helped to curtail waste while making us wealthier and happier as a result. It is a reality that could be here within years. Public transit, city officials, first response teams and more are already utilizing the Internet of things to help improve their work. Hope believes that bigger changes are coming in the future and that they will spread beyond entertainment and civic mechanisms in order to fully saturate our daily lives. We believe in this future, but do you?

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