Jacob Gottlieb Establishes His Latest New York City Venture, Altium Capital Management

Altium Capital Management is a company that is led by its founder and chief executive officer Jacob Gottlieb. It is based in New York City and it only invests in healthcare firms. When choosing what to invest in Jacob Gottlieb uses research tactics that uncover growth companies that feature great medical advances. Founded in July 2018, the first company that Altium Capital Management invested in was Oramed Pharmaceuticals. This healthcare firm, in which Altium Capital took a 5.61% stake, is innovating by developing an oral treatment that can be used in place of the use of a needle for diabetics.

One of the first financial firms that Jacob Gottlieb worked at was Merlin BioMed Group. He joined this firm in 2000 as a portfolio manager. Merlin was founded by entrepreneur Stuart Weisbrod who also specializes in healthcare investing. These two colleagues are once again collaborating on investments as they share an office space on Wall Street. While Jacob Gottlieb is managing Altium, Stuart Weisbrod is running his own financial management firm, Iguana Healthcare Partners.

Jacob Gottlieb only invests in publically traded companies at Altium. This can include medical devices firms, biotechnology, diagnostics, pharmaceutical, healthcare information, and healthcare service firms. He brings to the table his educational background as he was trained as a medical doctor at the New York University School of Medicine.

After he left Merlin BioMed Group, Jacob Gottlieb had started another hedge fund management company. This was Visium Asset Management with which he was highly successful. This company, which started with $300 million in 2008, was managing $8 billion in capital as of 2016. In addition to his office in New York, he also had offices in both London and San Francisco, two other financial capitals of the world.

However, in that year disaster struck. Three executives of Visium were investigated by the SEC and FBI and charged with insider trading as well as mismarking. All three were arrested and this development meant that Jacob Gottlieb had to wind down his company and return investor’s money even though he was found to not have been at all involved in these activities.