Top five Beneful products that I swear by.

So my animals are like my children. So I am always looking for the perfect dog wash,food,treats,beds etc. On my hunt on WalMart ( for the best products my favorites always end up coming back to the brand Beneful.I have composed this article of my top five products from them that I want every dog owner to try because they are just the best.

In the dry food category our go to is always Beneful dry dog food Original with salmon. We love it because our babys will never turn it down and it’s jam packed with vitamins and vegetables. Now I know this sounds crazy,but we also switch brands every other bag of dry food so they won’t get tired of one or the other. The next dry food we use is playful life with real beef and egg. They enjoy this one just as much as the original. It also has the same amount of nutrients and vitamins.
Now for my favorite products for my baby’s, treats! The top on my list is the Beneful baked delights. They are in little star shapes, and have real cheese and chicken in them. Needless to say they go crazy over them. The Beneful healthy smile sticks are a close second. They should be a first because they help with tartar and plaque build up, but my dogs prefer the cheese and beef over the smile sticks. Which are flavored with peanut butter and real parsley. Not saying they don’t enjoy them. They definitely do they just prefer the others. Last but not least is the wet dog food from in the flavor chicken stew. My dogs inhale this stuff and its full of healthy things. It contains rice,carrots,peas,and barley.
So in conclusion I believe every dog owner needs to hop on the Beneful bandwagon now happening at Amazon. You know you want to spoil your little friends as well as making sure they are healthy and active! Please everyone try to visit the Beneful Youtube channel and learn more on their amazing products. They will not let you down.