The Rise of The Brown Agency

The Brown Agency is a commercial, modeling, and talent agency providing countless talent to some of the world’s biggest companies. The Austin, Texas based agency talent has been seen in ads for Louis Vuitton, Loreal and many others and they have graced the stage at New York Fashion, Miami Swim week, etc. The current president is Justin Brown, a former model. Brown did fit modeling to work his way through college, so he knows a few things about the industry, please adding the fact he graduated college with a degree in Business Management. He launched Justin Brown Model and Talent agency which is sometimes known as Wilhelmina Brown because they were under the Wilhelmina national agency.

The agency became the Brown Agency in Spring of 2010. The agency dividend up their cut to 20% modeling, 15 % non-union commercials, film, T.V, or video, and 10 % union jobs. Even though they are based in Texas, his talent has been seen in different projects all over the world. He looks for talent that can fit Austin’s funky cool scene but he also looks for talent that can be seen as more conservative for the Dallas scene. Brown takes pride in providing some of the most professional and dependable talent to the Texas area and claims that the agency is only as good as the talent they provide. The JB Modeling and Talent Agency’s biggest competition was Heyman Talent South but Brown acquired them to form The Brown Agency and now he only has a few competitors to compete with. This merger added two new divisions for The Brown Agency, print and theatrical. Brown wanted to combine with Heyman Talent South and use the expertise of their president Michael B. Bonnee. The two now work together in taking over a large percentage of the talent market in Austin and Dallas.

Justin Brown is excited that a lot of fashion project are being moved to the Austin area and how Austin area is really taking off. If an individual wants to be represented by The Brown Agency, they have multiple ways to reach them. One is by going to their open call on Thursday’s from 3-4pm or submitting your photos and information online. The Brown Agency is constantly looking for fresh faces and new talent to join their agency and help them grow. They welcome anybody to reach out to them if they think they have what it takes to be part of The Brown agency. On The Brown Agency’s website, they list and feature talent that has landed some big jobs or been featured in major print. They just did a post about Darius Alexander, who they represent. This agency likes to how the world what their amazing talent can do.



Lingerie Proves Profitable For The Honey Birdette Brand

There is much to admire in the consistent level of growth seen by the Honey Birdette brand that has stepped out of its home in Australia to become one of the world’s leading brands for luxury lingerie and adult lifestyle products. The success seen by the brand began in Australia and then moved to the U.K. where the brand has become synonimous with fun and luxury; after opening a flagship store in London’s Covent Garden in 2016, Honey Birdette went on to open two further physical stores in Great Britain; this rapid level of growth has led to ambitious plans to open 40 stores across some of the U.K.’s leading cities by the end of 2018.

The U.K. is not the only region being targeted for growth by Honey Birdette and their investment backers at BBRC. It is not easy to ignore an increase in Online sales across the U.S. reaching a 374 percent growth over the course of 2016 and has prompted the decision to develop a dedicated Website and Online sales platform for North American customers; the new Online platform will have many benefits for U.S. based consumers who will benefit from easier payment methods and speedier returns.

From the moment a customer enters a Honey Birdette store they are met with a level of opulence and luxury that matches the stunning range of products developed by foundr and creative director Eloise Monaghan. Champagne is always on hand for customers who are looking to explore the luxurious lingerie and adult oriented products available in each and every store.

Not only does Honey Birdette create amazing products for its customers, but the brand also looks to keep the sense of fun and playfulness the brand believes many other fashion brands do not looks to pursue for their luxury products.

Compounding Life Advice to Achieve Success

Josh Verne shares some of the ways one can be successful in life and business. He is the founder and CEO of According to him, one should seek to be a leader and not a boss. He describes a leader as someone who accomplishes his goals by using his title. A leader puts his people first then seeks to earn respect. He adds that leaders truly succeed in their lives and businesses by putting other people before themselves.


Verne also points out that to be successful one needs to create a win-win situation in every circumstance. In a business scenario, a win-win situation may entail a win for everyone. That refers to you, clients, employees, and the society as a whole. Verne maintains that one should never settle for a win-lose situation regardless of the situation. Every challenge always presents itself with an opportunity where everybody can win.


Verne emphasizes the need to speak less and listen more. He advises that to have more power, more authority, and more people listen to you, one needs always to speak less. Verne also urges people to find what they are passionate about to be truly successful. Though most passionate people are unsuccessful, most successful individuals are passionate. He says that passion is the key to a good life as it motivates people to wake up with self-drive every single day.


Verne highlights the importance of one to have a balanced life. One needs to ensure his business, health, and relationships are in order. He stresses that this does not necessarily imply putting same hours into these areas of your life. It’s about making progress and making sure one improves in these sectors.


Verne is an entrepreneur and a co-founder of alongside Dorfman. The company provides a broad range of products to its clients at reasonable prices aimed at promoting their financial well-being. Global Analytics bought in 2014. is in Pennsylvania. It offers a platform for the exchange of content for students.