Using Wikipedia for More Than Just Research

It isn’t easy to motivate young adults from a generation with expectations of instant results. Because of advances in technology, software programs on computers and phones will automatically change misspelled words, so many students have become dependent upon this autocorrect feature instead of learning to spell with accuracy. Abbreviations and slang terms have also distorted language so badly that they often do not take the time to write properly, even if it is for a grade. And sadly, some students do not even know how to do research that is based on books written by expert authors. Everything has become about speed and technology. Those who fight it will be left far behind in the technological rat race.

Teachers in Sydney have decided to go with the flow instead of fighting it though, and their first step has been to use a website called Wikipedia in the classroom. Instead of turning in essays to the teachers, now students are required to make a Wiki page and submit their written articles to the site for approval. They also help make Wikipedia edits to previously accepted articles and send and receive helpful feedback. In return, they gain knowledge about proper writing skills that will help prepare them for future jobs.

No one knows the importance of proper writing better than the professional Wikipedia editors for hire from Get Your Wiki. The team of writers at Get Your Wiki understands how difficult it is to have a page accepted by Wikipedia. Many articles get rejected because of the author had poor writing skills or did not choose the right subject matter. In fact, it can be so difficult to get work accepted by the site that companies have started hiring Wiki writers from the Wikipedia writing company Get Your Wiki for all their writing, editing, and translating needs.

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