Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is a smart, wealthy, and well-connected businesswoman who knows how to communicate to others, (especially women) about empowerment. Indeed, with 2.4 billion dollars as her estimated net worth, she has a lot of business and leadership credibility in the world.

And she speaks to Yale University students to communicate her opinions and lend support to female entrepreneurs as well. As Africa’s wealthiest female, Isabel dos Santos can talk about a lot about business and give good advises on how to be successful in life and business.

Isabel’s father, the ex-President of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos was part of the reason for his daughter’s success. Indeed, was in charge of Sonangol, which was Angola’s state-managed oil firm in 2016. Angola’s current President of Angola forced Isabel to resign not long after her father relinquished control of Angola. Isabel dos Santos´ father was once the President of Angola, a West African country that borders Namibia, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Isabel has also been the head of Unitel, which is Angola’s largest telecommunications firm.

Isabel’s mother, Tatiana Kukanova, was born in Soviet-era Russia. Isabel’s father met her mother in the USSR. Additionally, Isabel dos Santos was born in Azerbaijan and due to her place of birth and position that her father had, many could say that she is a representative of the world.

Isabel has lived and visited many different nations. And her perspective on the world causes applies to not only Africa but to many nations. Isabel dos Santos life experiences have helped her build her life and career. This has helped her to become a successful woman. Africa’s richest woman is very willing to share her success stories with both college students and many other people. Regarding Isabel’s spouse, Sindika Dokolo, she met him at King’s College, which is located in London, England. Indeed, Dokolo and Isabel dos Santos have three kids together. Sindika Dokolo was born in Zaire and was married in 2002 (Chronicleweek).

Regarding Isabel’s business strengths, she has been involved in many different sectors like telecommunications, diamonds, oil, retail, finance, banking and energy. Indeed, for the young age of 45, Isabel dos Santos has a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of supporters and admirers throughout the world.

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Doe Deere’s Success with Lime Crime

Doe Deere is an absolutely fabulous lady. She is known for rocking hair color from blue to orange and literally looks like a living doll. She is also the founder of the equally fabulous line of makeup called Lime Crime. The company provides the most exquisite line of lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters and accessories. Lime Crime is known for its elaborately bright shades and rich, cruelty-free ingredients. She originally founded the company because she has always been incredibly strong passion for two things: fairy tales and rich, luxurious cosmetics.


Lime Crime was founded in 2008. Uniquely enough, at the time Doe was studying to become a fashion designer. She has made her own clothes since she was a young girl and wanted to enter the world of fashion with her signature bold and creative look. Yet, she questioned whether the fashion world was her true path. She spent several weeks questioning where life would take her before deciding to drop out of school and pursue her career in designing cosmetics.


She had already chosen the name Lime Crime as the name of her line of fashion clothing. She had registered the domain name. She selected the name Lime Crime because of her love of fairy tales. She stated in a recent article that she chose the name Lime Crime due to the fact that sometimes in fairy tales things rhyme for no reason at all. The name is as unique as Doe Deere and her makeup line is.


Doe Deere was recently featured where she answered questions about her success with Lime Crime. She told the publication that she realized the company was finally the gold pot at the end of her career rainbow. She generally loves what she does and loves sharing beauty products with women who want to be as creative as she does with her cosmetics.


Lime Crime began making money within the first year and soon took off to be a massive success. Doe Deere says that she received lots of attention for her online video tutorials where she showcased how to do different makeup tricks. She shared many tips with women and she used many products she had made herself that were part of the Lime Crime line. She also says that her biggest referral source has always been referrals from current customers.


She says that her biggest career decision came lately when she needed to choose a laboratory to partners. She wanted a laboratory that shared her beliefs and values when it came to being cruelty free.


In a recent article, Doe Deere says that the best thing about Lime Crime becoming such a big success was the fact that she could now afford to give large donations to some of her favorite causes. She gives to causes related to getting animals adopted and protecting animals from cruelty. She also gives to any cause that is related to helping women or children. She also gives through Lime Crime by ensuring that all of her products are cruelty free and one hundred percent vegan friendly. Learn more:


Doe Deere Conjures Up a Sweet Deal With Lime Crime

There is a whole lot of interest in what Doe Deere is doing when it comes to Lime Crime. She has created an awesome brand of cosmetics that shows women that they can still start a business small and grow to great lengths. There are so many people that are gaining inspiration from Doe Deere because she is one of the top cosmetic brands even though she is not very old in age. The fact that she is as young as she is is what really gives her an edge. She is still able to connect with so many people through social media because she has gained the attention of her followers through Instagram, Twitter and other sites like Facebook.


It really should be no surprise for anyone that has seen Doe Deere to witness her power of social media in blogs. She has posted several videos where she gives people access to her mind state about makeup, and this is something that has made her popular as well. The fact that she started small has allowed her to stay humble and actually stay wired into our customers. Many of the bigger companies have executives in place that consumers may not even recognize. Learn more:


Most of the CEO positions that are held by people at companies like Mary Kay, Revlon, and Covergirl are by people that have business-oriented backgrounds. They may have no actual experience with cosmetics, but they may know how businesses are supposed to be ran. This is the different thing about someone like Doe Deere. She grew up and built the business based on her own personal preferences. She may not have had the business background, but she had a wealth of knowledge when it came to make-up and nail polish. This is what has given her the ability to succeed in an industry where few people would make it to the top in the cosmetic industry. Learn more:


Doe Deere has proven herself to be very capable of building a business where people will patronize her because she is presenting something different. It is true that it was a real risk to try something out of the ordinary because the Lime Crime makeup that she presents is not found anywhere else.


Fortunately, there are people that have been waiting for something that looks different than what the mainstream cosmetic companies were doing. Everyone does not want to look like the models that are advertising for Covergirl. Everyone may not have a desire to get the Revlon look that shows up in television ads. There are some people that are much more comfortable with looking like Doe Deere. That is why Doe Deere has been able to keep loyal fans. Learn more: