The Chainsmokers Earn the #3 Spot For Longest-Running Top Dance Album

The Chainsmokers may have already seen a lot of success with their singles that they released in 2018, but they are still seeing chart-topping sales for their last album, Memories… Do Not Open. Even though it has been over a year since the award-winning album, it is still topping the charts in the Dance category. This achievement makes the 2017 release the third longest running album to stay at the top spot on Billboard’s Dance charts.

With 34 non-consecutive weeks at the number 1 spot, it looks like it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If The Chainsmokers’ Memories… Do Not Open does happen to drop beneath that coveted position, it probably won’t be for that long. Billboard’s Dance and Electronic chart measures the most popular albums based on pure data instead of any opinions that may skew the results.

Tied with Memories… Do Not Open is the album Demon Days from the Gorillaz that was released 13 years ago. Even to this day, Demon Days still finds itself on the Billboard charts. Unfortunately for the Gorillaz, there isn’t much of a chance for Demon Days to hit the top spot again which looks great for The Chainsmokers. In just a few weeks, Memories… Do Not Open might secure the number 3 spot from the Gorillaz.

While there have been times when The Chainsmokers have lost the top spot to make room for other artists, it usually isn’t long until they hop back to number 1. An example is the weeks that directly followed EDM artist Avicii’s death. Both Drew Taggart and Alex Pall greatly respected Avicci and recognized his work during the Billboard Music Awards with Halsey and alone.

The Chainsmokers originally consisted of Alex Pall and Rhett Bixler. It wasn’t until 2012 that Drew Taggart replaced Bixler and they began became a DJ duo. Before creating the original arrangements that they are best known for, they began by remixing indie songs. They obtained international recognition when their single “Selfie” was re-released under Republic Records in 2014.

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