Hair Refresh Spray and Foaming Shampoo Reviewed by Kim Dao

Kim Dao is a lifestyle vlogger who posts blogs and YouTube vlogs about various travel destinations and beauty products. She recently went over her top ten lists of favorite Japanese hair care products. These products range from styling products to shampoos. We’ll recap two of her favorite Japanese hair care products. Kao Merit Shampoo is one of the best-selling shampoos in Japan. It washes out very quickly. It is great for people who are eco-friendly or on a water budget. It foams out of the bottle nozzle and is full of fruit acids and eucalyptus oils. Because it washes out quickly you will need very little water to get a complete rinse. It is available in nearly all drug stores throughout Japan. Venus Spa Hair Fragrance comes in a beautiful pink bottle. This is a light weight spray that has an amazing fresh scent. Venus Spa is great if you are at a restaurant that has strong smells that latch onto your hair. This is also a fabulous refresher product in the morning if you wake up with day old hair. It is full of amino acids and is available in a wide selection of fragrance scents. In addition to the amino acids this light weight spray repairs damaged hair with essential moisturizers. More Japanese hair care products reviewed by Kim Dao can be viewed here.

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