George Soros Predicts European Union in Danger

Change is an inevitable and constant force in all aspects of life and it is no different for the European Union. This is a political union which is known as the EU was originally established to provide common foreign, economic, Justice and security policies. Economic giant George Soros provided opinions in an interview that the EU may actually be experiencing its last gasp as Russia invades the Ukraine the peace of Europe is now being threatened more than any time since the Cold War.
There are other challenges that Soros sees and stated on to the European Union and the mass migration of people from the Middle East into Europe is testing the system of open borders and it is harming the common market. Soros called Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany the “Chancellor of the Free World”, because of her role in directing the reaction of the European Union in the challenges they face today. She assumed this position by resisting Russian Aggression.

Due to these reasons the European Union is on the verge of collapse. Soros believes that it is not just one issue but a slow steady stream of challenges and the leadership never really dealt with any of them in a decisive manner. Now there are five or six significant problems facing EU at the same time they are seemingly becoming overwhelmed.

George Soros has been a founder of the philosophy of the open society in Eastern Europe which supports human rights and democratic ideals in a society once controlled by The Soviet Union. That makes it difficult to understand why these countries present so much resentment and opposition to the current refugee problem. Soros believes that it is due to the lack of diversity in the country to begin with. Therefore, those who arrive with different cultures and religious beliefs do not fit in well and problems have erupted.

Soros believes that two of the countries that are threatening the EU are Hungary and Poland. Each has adopted leadership that is reminiscent of democratic leadership between World War I and World War II. They are based on religious unity and nationalism which can lead to a destruction of the democracy in those countries. Even though the countries have been successful both economically and politically, they do not favor participation in the European Union they would rather be operating independently. The rules of the EU can be viewed a binding and limiting to some countries.

George Soros has been involved in developing democratic thinking in Europe and the fact that he can see the collapse of the European Union as a distinct possibility should be an alarm to the rest of the world. With a lack of cooperation comes the potential for conflict and with that the potential for war. Sorros advocates a united immigration policy that would bring the leadership of Europe together, rather than a policy dominated by the nationalism of individual countries.

Joan Collins Returns To TV As One Of The “Queens Of Drama”

TV nostalgia has brought many famous faces back to the small screen in roles in returning classic shows or through reality TV. A group of top soap opera stars have recently returned to our TV screens in a bid to bring the genre back to daytime TV in a major way through their scripted reality show “Queens Of Drama”. Each episode features a core group of female stars of the soap opera genre who have returned to the screen to produce a new show. These women will be joined by “Dynasty” legend Joan Collins who is set to make her small screen return as a guest star with the “Queens Of Drama”.

One of the fun aspects of the “Queens Of Drama” is the use of scripted scenes within the show, that allow the all female cast to show off their acting skills replicating the characters they played in iconic roles. One of the those who has seen her former roles used as the basis for her character in “Queens Of Drama” is Crystal Hunt found here on Metacritic, who made her name with Disney before taking her career to superstar level in “Guiding Light” and “One Life To Live”.  Ms. Hunt also has an acting reel on YouTube highlighting her talents.

Crystal Hunt has always refused to stand still in her career as she looks to embark on roles that take her into many different areas of the entertainment business. IMDb shows that Hunt began her career as a child star with the Disney Corporation before moving into the soap opera genre to push forward her career in more adult roles; the performances of Florida’s Crystal Hunt in soap operas were interspersed with roles in successful movies. Before returning to television screens as one of the “Queens Of Drama” Crystal Hunt had been focused on a movie career in front of, and behind the camera. Hunt made a big screen breakthrough with her performance as the character of Lauren in the critical and box office success, “Magic Mike: XXL”.

Joan Collins is best remembered in the U.S. for her iconic role as Alexis in the much loved soap opera “Dynasty”. Upon accepting the role Collins was given the task of saving the show after it had struggled during its first season, which is a role she fulfilled during her successful stint on the prime time soap opera. The stars of “Queens Of Drama” are looking to use the skills they have developed over the years both in front of and behind the camera as they look to produce a new drama for a major TV network.

Igor Cornelsen Investing Tips

Igor Cornelsen is a great investor that gives good advice, but many investors that are looking for good advice have never heard of him. I have seen his advice posted online, and I will say that he is among the best when it comes to giving out simple advice that will help the average investor earn better returns on investment. I love what he has been able to do for the common investor that doesn’t have a ton of money at his disposal.

He has been able to give stellar tips on newsvine because he has spent a large majority of his life investing. He has given a lot of advice for Brazilian investments, and I know that was foreign to me before I discovered his advice. Cornelsen has the ability to tell me about this type of international investing. I was intrigued to know that the Brazilian market was something more profitable than the American market.

Most investment gurus that are on American soil do not have the insight to tell investors about any type of international investing. Cornelsen, however, has worked heavily outside of Brazil. He knows about more than the American stocks. That was one of the main reasons that I have given him so much attention. I have heard a lot of different investors talking about different investing concepts, but he was the first to mention the possibilities of stocks outside of the United States.

Another thing that I have grown to like about someone like Igor Cornelsen is his ability to actually tell people on about the need to spread out the investments. So many investors try to pick the hot stocks and see what is going to be the most profitable. They take the risk and push all of their money into a handful of stocks that may not be as profitable as they thought. I have found that Igor Cornelsen and his commonsense wisdom of investing a little bit in a lot of different things to be the best thing to do. This is what I love the most about his tactics.

I think that all investors that are new to investing should hear what Igor Cornelsen has to say. He is certainly one of the most influential forces on the web even though he doesn’t have the same type of expertise that some other top notch investors have He may not have the books and talk shows, but I like Cornelsen better because he has years of proven experience. This alone makes him a valuable force in the investment arena. I think that people could learn a lot from him. He has an investment firm in Florida where he continues exhibiting his knowledge.

Head to Toe Beauty

Women and men today want to look their very best. Maybe nature didn’t bless them with great genes. The nose has a crook to it or the breast are too small- things like that are no longer a problem. With a little plastic surgery people can change just about anything that doesn’t look quite right to them. In Texas there are numerous plastic surgeons ready to make you look the way you feel- beautiful.

James Boynton, MD works with liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, and face lifts to make you look and feel your best. Rod Rohrich, MD, offers skincare, cosmetic surgeries and more. In Austin Texas, you can find the absolute best plastic surgeon in the business- Jennifer Walden.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has won numerous awards for her cutting edge techniques in cosmetic and plastic surgery. She trained in New York at the well-known Manhatten Eye, Ear and Throat. Today she owns her own office operating suite and it is fully accredited and dedicated to patient safety. Since the suite is just steps from her office door, Dr. Walden can keep close contact with her patients from beginning to end. Dr. Walden developed her own tools to use in the operating room. Today, she sells them to surgeons all over the world.

Dr. Walden loves the aspect of making people feel confident and beautiful. Rhinoplasty, breast augmentations, body sculpting and more are used to help them achieve their best look possible. Sometimes women want their body to be ‘rejuvenated’. Vaginal procedures like labiaplasty help women to feel beautiful in their most intimate areas. Women also want the vagina to feel tight and young, like it did before children. Today, that is possible with ThermiVA Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation. Dr. Walden uses this technique frequently in her practice.

Whether you desire surgery to improve the looks people can see, or the ones they can’t see, Dr. Jennifer Walden can help you. With one phone call you can become one of the many satisfied patients who use her services.

Choosing the Beneful Line of Dog Food

When it is time to feed your dog, you might not even put a second thought into the kibble that you place into his bowl. This can be a problem simply because the average dog food contains little nutrients and fillers that are making your dog obese, tired and dull. Changing to a more wholesome food is one of the best options for you and can quickly and effortlessly provide you with what you need. The first and best thing for you to do is to consider the fact that there is a brand out there specifically made for you and your pooch.

This brand is better known as Beneful and it is currently being used by people all over the world. The brand, in particular, has been made using some of the highest grade ingredients in the industry and can be one of the best options for you and your dog. You can feel confident feeding your dog Beneful because of the healthy and wholesome ingredients found in each and every bag. This is why so many pet parents have been choosing Beneful for themselves and are satisfied with their choice.

You are also going to want to visit the local dog food supply store to find the range of products that Beneful has created. You will be amazed at the different types of food that are there for you. This is why it is such a good idea for you to carefully plan out the food you are going to be feeding your dog and know that the decision you are making is a smart and healthy one that the dog will thank you for. There are lots of articles and news stories online that state the importance of healthier dog foods and making the switch, so it is apparent that this is something to consider for both your own well-being as well as your dog’s. You will definitely want to look into working with the Beneful product line and finding something that you know is going to be the ideal fit and match for your dog’s health needs.



Alexei Beltyukov’s Impeccable Career as an Investment Manager

Alexei Beltyukov is a successful Russian businessman and philanthropist. He a graduate of the INSEAD Business School where he enrolled in 1995 and graduated from in 1997 with a masters in business administration. Since graduating, Beltyukov has established a number of ventures that have gone on to be industry leaders. Some of the businesses include New Gas Technologies, A-Ventures, Endemic Capital and SOLVY is Beltyukov’s latest enterprise.

At A-Ventures, Beltyukov is in charge of the firm’s operations. It has over $400 million worth of assets under its management. Beltyukov established A-Ventures to support struggling firms in Russia. The support is achieved through financial assistance mostly during times of difficulties. He created New Gas Technologies to deal with the use of associated petroleum products. In 2013, he formed Endemic Capital to offer angel funding to startups in Russia. To date, the firm has helped many startups manage to realize their objectives through adequate funding.

From 2004 to 2006, Beltyukov served as the executive director, CEO, and board member for Renova in Russia and Latvia. His duties in the company included rationalizing the investment portfolio, asset acquisition and disposal, turnaround management, equity stakes consolidation, and business restructuring. While at Renova, Beltyukov closed 27 deals and had a 78% return on equity per year. The companies that were under his direct supervision consisted of a commercial bank, pension fund, insurance company, airport, brewery, sea port, and real estate developers.

Beltyukov also served as the president in charge of strategy and business development at Brunswick Capital between 2003 and 2004 in Russia. He launched a rail car leasing venture called Brunswick Rail Leasing that is presently ranked among the top 3 in the industry with a fleet of more than 10,000 rail cars. In one of their books, Kearney partner described the establishment of the business as a success story.

Additionally, Beltyukov has on numerous occasions worked with the Russian government to offer economic support and guidance through the Skolkovo Foundation. At the foundation, Alexei serves as the vice president. The foundation offers grants as well as opportunity for technology startups and entrepreneur that want to expand their businesses throughout Russia.

Beltyukov is a believer of broadening horizons through continued education. In April 2015, he launched his latest venture, SOLVY, in Los Angeles, California during the Educator Day at the EdSurge’s tech conference. SOLVY is an online homework platform for high school students. It offers the students and teachers a variety of relevant subjects. The teachers are able to track a particular student’s progress when cracking a math problem. SOLVY also allows a student to get immediate feedback and enables teaches to identify the areas of student weakness. The platform does not provide multiple-choice answers in order to allow students make mistakes and learn from such mistakes.  Follow Alexei on Twitter as he often talks educational platforms, and what’s next for the companies he helps to manage.

Find Out How You Can Get In Touch With Your Incarcerated Relatives Online

If you have an incarcerated close relative or just a friend that you can’t wait to see or hear from, then this might just be the best news you will hear in a long time. Securus Technologies, a leading civil and criminal justice solutions provider has come up with a mobile application that allows for mobile video visitation. This means that you can now have a video visitation to your relative through your android smartphone, tablets, or apple iPhones. You will no longer have to remain in the dark longing for days and probably months to the next visitation that almost always finds you on the move. Securus is making it possible for you to have a one on one with your loved ones while on the go. If you have trouble using their patented technology, just give their customer service team a call.

This application ( comes laden with a whole lot of other goodies. It breaks the rigidness of jails by providing you with information on the next visitation. It can also be synchronized with your calendar notifications to alert you when the visitation time nears. Most importantly the application now affords you the right to choose how you participate in your visitation. You no longer have to worry about visitation days falling on the day of business meeting or travel. The application makes it possible to catch up with your loved ones on the set day from wherever you are in the world. As if that is not enough it has Wi-Fi test capabilities that check signal strength and streaming capabilities to ensure the internet you will be using doesn’t fail you.

About Securus Technologies

Securus is an American based technology solutions company. It specializes in the provision of technological assistance to civil and criminal investigations, public safety assurance, corrections, and monitoring. The company, headquartered in Dallas Texas has risen to become the leading technology assistance provider to law enforcement officers and correctional institutions. Currently, the company serves thousands of correctional and public safety areas not just in the United States but the entire North America. 

Some of the services provided by Securus Technologies Company include emergency services, incidence management, investigations assistance, biometric analysis, and inmate communication monitoring products and services all of which are aimed at making the world a safer place for everyone. The at-home and on-site video visitation applications are just a few of the several services provided by the company. The company has a well-designed website that is easy to navigate for anyone that seeks to use their services by making it possible to check if the firm serves the incarceration facility they wish to visit.

CCMP Capital – Wading Through The Challenges

Every decision, from repaying a loan to investing in stocks and bonds, has costs and benefits. These benefits can be personal, but most of the time it is financial. The experts at CCMP Capital will help you make better decision whether you are dealing with a big issue or a small one. These decisions typically involve money and CCMP Capital will show you how to be careful with it so you have a sound nest egg for the future.

Well known personal finance expert, private equity investor and philanthropist Stephen “Steve” Murray founded this company. He graduated from Boston College with a degree in economics and later complete Master’s degree in Business Administration. Steve Murray contributed a lot to the success of CCMP Capital. Unfortunately, due to health issue, the company lost him in 2015.

CCMP Capital has experts who are well-trained and qualified to provide products and services related to finance, such as underwriting service, capital management, fund raising, mergers, acquisitions, and retirement planning. They take into account the fact that their clients have motivations that can go way beyond simple number crunching. They teach their clients how to invest safely and how to remain loyal to investment. From savings plan to investing in real estate and more, CCMP Capital has solutions for investors from all walks of life. The experts like Steve Murray have answers to all their clients’ questions and concerns.

CCMP Capital’s products and services are a rare melding of personal finance and investment at an important time when money buys everything people need for a sound future. It is much more than just numbers. Their strategies are designed to help clients make real-world financial decisions and improve their financial lives as well. They have strategies in place that are a great framework for creating wealth. The experts combine their knack and expertise for getting to the heart of the money matter and help clients and investors succeed in their undertakings. They are not like the firms that promise big return in a small amount of time, but rather a firm that takes realistic approach when it comes to investing money in the market. They take a more useful approach by discussing everything they know with their clients. They provide finance tools that clients can deploy to build a better financial future for themselves.

Wall street’s Steve Murray CCMP Capital is a pioneer in providing finance products and services to individuals and institutions alike. Because of the experts’ training in capital management and varied experience in the field, they see the world of finance through an entirely unique lens. Their proven and time-tested strategies have been very beneficial in the past as well. In essence, clients can make important life choices through CCMP Capital.

Woke Twitter Brings Social Issues To Light

Woke Twitter is something to pay attention to. They blew the whistle on racist remarks made by Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart, and Justin van Vuuren this past weekend, but what is Woke Twitter?

The term being “woke” means to be socially and politically aware, to see the real issues. The term was created along with global movements like #BlackLivesMatter and #RhodesMustFall. The collective mobilizes through Twitter and operates as a faceless collective that challenges the traditionally constant narratives by using screenshots of offensive social posts, making hashtags that become trending, and developing memes to bring social awareness. But it’s not just about race, the group challenges sex and gender stereotypes along with many more. The resonate a clear message, reject the narrative of the country as a Rainbow Nation and believe drastic action needs to be taken against those who block true growth.

The movement is driven by twitactivists, and they have caused real world effects including public outrage and loss of jobs. One twitter user reports being frightened after receiving threatening phone calls that were related to a post her mother made on Facebook. Some say that this is taking activism too far because they are now infringing on someone else’s rights, but Brenda Wardle, legal analyst, says that it’s perfectly fine. Once the off-color remarks were made, they infringed on someone else’s rights which means it’s ok to act against that.

Weather that is true or not has yet to be proven, but with the momentum this cause is gaining, it’s only a matter of time before we see similar cases in a court of law. Until then, Brenda Wardle continues to stand by the movement, and with her experience and expertise, it’s sure that others will surly join her. As the Chief Operations Officer for Wardle College of Law since 2009, she knows the legal business.

Wardle has openly spoken on other social issues including the current issues with the Oscars. She is up front when it comes to politically and socially motivated events and hopes to see a change in the right direction in the near future.

Brenda Wardle has recently written a novel about the Oscar Pistorius Trial

Watch Brenda Wardle discuss the Oscar Pistorius Trial:


Russia Burns Books and Bans Two Organizations Run by George Soros

According to Russian media, a college in Northern Russia has burned 53 books donated by a foundation established by George Soros. This happened after the organization was viewed as threat and banned by Russian authorities. According to Russian news site 7×7 reports that cited an official letter originating from the regional education ministry, college libraries within Komi were searched last month. This was done to find manuals and textbooks related to a program run by Soros’ foundation.
In Vorkuta Mining and Economic College, 53 books were found to be related to the Renewal of Humanitarian Education program. They were later confiscated and burned according to the 7×7 report. Additionally, the letter from claimed that another 427 books were yet to be shredded. According to an intergovernmental letter released in December by local media, a presidential envoy asserted that charities run by Soros were creating a perverted perception of history as well as making ideological directives contrary to Russian ideology.
In November, two branches of Soro’s foundation network were banned by Russia’s General Prosecutor’s Office. This placed the Open Society Institute and Open Society Foundation on a stop list. This is a compilation of foreign non- governmental organizations whose dealings are deemed undesirable by the Russian State. In July 2015, the Russian government hinted that it might ban a number of pro democracy charities after accusing them of initiating soft aggression in Russia. Soros established the Open Society Foundation network to aid countries move from communism. The charity supports projects associated with democracy building across the world. This information was originally mentioned on CBNC as highlighted in the link below
In a statement released by the Russian prosecutor’s office, the Open Society Foundation and Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation posed a threat to the foundations of the Russian constitutional system as well as the security of the state. Soros had urged the west to increase aid to Ukraine, outlining a $50 billion-financing package, to safeguard against Russia that was becoming more aggressive in early 2015. As much as the statement did not elaborate, this could have been the reason behind the ban.
The Open Society foundation was dismayed by the ban. The foundation has played a major role in helping to strengthen the rule of law in Russia for over 25 years contrary to the prosecutors’ claims. While commenting on the ban, Soros said that he was confident that the move was a temporary anomaly. According to him, the aspirations of the Russian citizens for a great future will succeed in the end and cannot be suppressed. This information was mentioned on Fortune as outlined below
George Soros is the chairperson of the Open Society Foundation that presently operates in more than 100 countries. He began his philanthropy initiatives in 1979 when he offered scholarships to black South African students under the apartheid era. This was after having great success in the financial markets. The Open Society Foundation endeavors to promote human rights, open society and transparency values. Soros has written extensively, publishing several books and articles. The books he has written include “The Tragedy of the European Union” that he published in 2014. His essays and articles on economics and politics appear regularly on major newspapers and magazines across the world. This information was mentioned on as found below