Nina Vaca: The Skilled Business Professional

Nina Vaca owns Pinnacle Group. She is the CEO and chairman. She has developed it into a leading IT staffing firm. For more than 12 years, Pinnacle Group has been ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in the country. In 2015, the company was named the fastest growing women-owned company. It also earned the title in 2018. Vaca has served as a director of three publicly traded companies. As a successful entrepreneur, Vaca upholds the value of business in communities. She is, therefore, an advocate for emerging business professionals and minorities. When a small business succeeds, it transforms everyone’s lives. Families are positively impacted. Communities begin to flourish.


In 2014, President Barack Obama elected Vaca to serve in the Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship. The mission of the initiative is to empower entrepreneurs. In that capacity, Vaca has traveled across the world to inspire upcoming entrepreneurs.

Women in Business and Leadership

Vaca founded Women in Business and Leadership to provide support to business leaders by igniting their entrepreneurial spirits. The initiative encompasses two main elements. The Speaker Series allows leaders to highlight corporate executives, trailblazers, and politicians, and the Enterprise Accelerator supports women in the corporate world. Both programs offer tailored business solutions to participants.

Pinnacle Group

Pinnacle Group is a business solutions provider. The company approaches technology from a business perspective. The management is true to its clients. Under the guidance of Vaca, Pinnacle Group takes a consultative and business-first approach to offer technology solutions and applicable business requirements. It also combines in-depth business knowledge to analyze situations before providing solutions.

OSI Food Solutions Quality Food Production Practices

OSI Food Solutions is the leading world supplier of value-added food commodities. They produce a wide range of meat products which they sell in their food chain stores. Being an American company, its international headquarters are based at Aurora, Illinois. The company operates retail and food service industries. They source, process, and distribute food allowing them to deliver custom made food products in accordance with the customer’s order. The company has slightly above 65 facilities spread out in 17 countries across the world and a total of 20,000 employees. OSI Food Solutions was first established in Oak Park, Illinois as family meat butchery then it gradually expanded and in 1973, the company opened their first high capacity meat plant before setting up its business in other parts of the world including the UK.

OSI Food Solutions focuses on providing quality and safe foods for its clients that are within the food safety requirements, therefore securing their brand name. To ensure this, they employed qualified staff whom in addition receive annual training and undergo a well-defined good manufacturing practices training as one of the requirements for orientation in the company. In addition, they pass their products through multiple standards and government requirements on food safety together with their very own annual quality audits to ensure consistency in the quality of their products.

OSI Food Solutions regularly set standards and regularly checks their performance against the same to see whether they are still on track or not. This has enabled them to deliver quality products that meet the set food standards and exceed customer expectations, thus remaining relevant and highly competitive in the market. Their committed and experienced management team has also seen the company make critical decisions concerning marketing strategies that have yielded positive returns to the company.

Throughout their operations, OSI Food Solutions put into consideration proper environmental conservation measures whereby its activities never degraded the environment. The report from the environmental audit done by the British Safety Council in the period 2015 – 2016 showed that the company attained five stars. Following the report, they were awarded the reputable Globe of Honor Award for the year 2016 by the British Safety Council in an event held at Drapers’ Hall on 25th November 2016.

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Signs and causes of burnout in workplaces.

Employee burnout is becoming a major concern for many businesses today. With many organizations investing in their workforce, burnout is adding unnecessary costs to businesses since it means that employees might miss work or even need medical expenses. It is in the interest of employers to ensure that their organizations are free of burnout. Maintaining a close relationship with the employees will ensure that you can pick out employees who are developing symptoms of burn out with ease. An employer who is ready to fight employee burn out understands the importance of having a healthy working environment. It is most likely the best thing that will determine a business that will excel and one that won’t in modern times.


As an employer, when you see your employee becoming easily irritable or even late or absent from work, that is a sign that they might be experiencing burn out. Other signs could be a drop in productivity or loss of enthusiasm. As an employer, you need to understand that these symptoms do not just mean that the employee is frustrated with the work or are going through personal challenges. It could mean that the working environment is not favourable. Do not mistake such signs for laziness; it could be something to do with the job or working conditions. Burnout associated with work occurs when an employee feels exhausted emotionally and physically. Mostly, it comes after overexposure to stressful conditions.


As an employer, you need to understand what burn out is and what causes it. When you familiarize yourself with these matters, you’ll stand a chance to spot cases of burnout in your employees even before they turn detrimental to your business. Learn more:


Employee burnout arises from overworking or even feeling under-appreciated. When employees are tasked with work that is more than they can handle within stipulated time frames, it could lead to burnout. On the other side, employees can develop burn out when bored or under-stimulated to perform their tasks. Job insecurity and harassment are other possible causes of burnout in workplaces.


About Paul Saunders


Paul Saunders is the CEO of James River Capital Corp, an alternative asset investment firm. He has been in the finance sector for the past three decades and has seen a lot as far as the management of employees is concerned. He believes that employees who take the above points seriously are likely to have organizations where burnout is unheard off. It is the role of the employer to motivate their team and they, therefore, need to have the basic understanding of such matters, You cannot stop something that you have no idea about. If you want to stop employee burn out, Paul Saunders says that you should start by learning what it means, how you can detect it and how to resolve it. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn


Steve Lesnard: The Two Most Important Principles of Production Marketing

The evolvement of technology has introduced not only new methods of connecting ourselves with people but new mediums as well. The opportunities, although containing a plethora of benefits can also harm a company when not used properly. Often companies who are successful will first listen to their consumer and therefore are able to better highlight the value of their product through a marketing campaign. Steve Lesnard, one of the most sought-after brand consultants in the world is today sharing with us the two principles to follow the next time your company is getting ready to introduce a product to the market.

Principle #1 ”Keep it simple to make it memorable.”

Walt Disney always said that one should always get the storyline right. What this means according to Steve Lesnard is that a great product introduction will always highlight a clear benefit of the product. Although this sounds easy, the fact is taht most companies make it look easy. A great example of this comes from Apple when they first introduced the iPod. The ad could have listed out all the benefits of the device, but they simply went with the slogan “10k songs in your pocket”. The message was simple and articulated a clear benefit of the product to their consumers.

Principle #2 “Bring it to life to make it real.”

Steve Lesnard’s second principle revolves the experience that your customer will receive when they interact with your product. A few of the questions that must be asked before choosing your storyline are, How does it look on your body? What does it do? How would you use it? Consumers can answer their own questions by introducing videos that have real people using your product. A great example of this was seen by outdoors accessory company YETY during their YETI cooler introduction. Placing the product in the hands of ambassadors, customers are then able to see how everyday people could use the product.

Matthew Fleeger and His Journey From Leading Gulf Coast Western To Building His Own Enterprise

Matthew Fleeger, a notable personality in the oil and gas industry is a businessman with numerous success stories under his belt. Before leading Gulf Coast Western as its chief executive officer and president, Matthew has his own share if industry exploring adventures. He studied finance and marketing at the Southern Methodist University. After his graduation, he was prepared for success. His father was the successful owner of a company operating in the oil and gas industry and has served as his inspiration for his business pursuits.

In a span of seven years, the idealistic Matthew jumped from one job to another hoping to acquire significant knowledge and experience. With his leadership skills, he excelled in various executive roles. While he worked at his entry-level positions, Matthew dramatically rose to the ranks and has learned important things from his employment with various companies based in Texas. He later decided to work with Gulf Coast Western, which is his family’s business. His work at the company proved very rewarding; however, his entrepreneurial passion inspired him to get on with his own venture.

In 1993, he founded MedSolutions, a business that takes care of medical waste’s disposal, treatments, and management. He led the company to success but in 2007, he was approached by Stericycle and shared its interest in acquiring his company. After a series of negotiations, Matthew Fleeger sold MedSolutions for $59 million. He went back to Gulf Coast Western where he became the president, chief executive officer, and director. He worked with the company for more than 14 years. The business was founded by his father in 1970 and he took over in 20017.

His efforts paved the way for another asset acquisition, which is an oil company that expanded Gulf Coast Western’s funding capabilities and client base. Matthew Fleeger is an inspiring story of a budding entrepreneur to a seasoned business tycoon, a coming of age journey in the business world.

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Jason Hope as a futurist

Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist based in Arizona. He is popular for his approach towards philanthropy and commentary about future technologies. Hope has always loved technology. He has been studying the trends and predicting what is likely to happen in the future. All this information he has been sharing with the business people who need it the most for business purposes. He guides business owners to know where technology is headed and how they can prepare in advance. It is obvious in the modern day that no matter rigid a business is, the impact of modern technology cannot be overcome. There is no way a business can survive while ignoring the technologies that are coming into the sector. Any business that does not align its goals with the technologies of the future risks becoming obsolete.

Jason Hope has predicted the internet of things to be the best technology that has ever taken place in the world. The wave that shall be created by this technology will be so huge that it will overcome any other technology that exists. Electronic devices will now be in a position to connect to a network and connect with other devices. This connection will lead to sharing of information among devices to the extent that they can complete a task with minimal to no human intervention.

Jason Hope has published an eBook that contains the most basic information about the internet of things to educate the people about this new technology that is taking the world by storm. Mr. Hope expects this technology to advance to the extent that we shall have fully smart cities where everything shall be controlled by electronic devices interconnected. It will be like nothing we have ever seen in the past but will come with so many advantages, some that we have never thought about.

Jason Hope was born in Tempe, Arizona. He attended the Arizona State University for his bachelor in finance and later W.P Carey School of Business for his MBA. In his career as an entrepreneur, Jason has focused on tech businesses. He formerly owned a mobile technology company.

Jason Hope’s: Twitter. to bring apples and kiwifruit from New Zealand to the consumers of China

According to the latest post on JD Corporate Blog, the online retailer is planning to bring kiwifruit and apple harvests known to the area of New Zealand to their own clientele. is a site invented by an entrepreneur named Jingdong that sells an array of items such as food, electronics, beauty products, appliances, and much more.

The company has found that since they have allowed their customers to purchase produce, it has been a popular option; one of the main reasons for why they have now provided apples and kiwifruit to them at this time. They have found that through their database that many people are buying fruits from abroad for its healthier effects. According to the main article, has found that fruits from New Zealand have been popular for their clientele with an over 80% rate increase. has found that Kiwifruit, in general, is the main option among China’s market. The retailer has worked with a company called Zespri since 2017 selling food items. A representative of Zespri credited the online retailer as a component to growing their own business through their network loaded with hundreds of millions of customers.

Another company labeled Rockit Global Limited is working with to supply the apples as the retailer has found many millennials buying them throughout various regions in China. The CEO of Rockit Global Limited commented that he was excited to work with with their next-day delivery option and network of clientele.

Austin Mortimer, who is the CEO, stated that they believe that this is the best partner that they could work with at the given time. The retailer has worked to bring the consumers of China goods from other regions as the leader of 7FRESH commented that he was excited to work with the two brands. The entire team at is ecstatic to bring these goods to consumers.

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Gino Pozzo and his football legacy

You cannot talk about the European Sports scene and fail to mention one Gino Pozzo. He is the owner of Watford Football Club. Over the years, Pozzo has built a solid reputation when it comes to taking lackluster football clubs in the lower division to taking them to top flight football leagues irrespective of the country.

Born to football enthusiast parents, Gianpaolo and Giuliana Pozzo, Gino Pozzo grew up in Udine Italy. He managed to get links to Udinese football club courtesy of his mother. Since then, he has remained loyal to the club and his family maintains the same.

Gino joined Harvard University for his masters after moving to the United States. He later got married to Catalan and relocated to Spain where he spent the better part of his life in Barcelona. In 2013, he moved to London with his family. With this move, he would get the chance to be involved directly with the daily happenings at the club he had just bought at Vicarage Road.

The Pozzo family has been synonymous with football, and it is no surprise that Gino has taken up this niche seriously. This started way back when his father bought the Udinese club in 1986 after saving from his family’s tool business.

Apart from football, the family has also gotten involved in other business like electrical appliance trading. This exemplifies the family’s strategy to diversify. Recently, the family has been reported to venture into mergers on finance and property. Gino has been quoted saying as much as he is in the football club ownership business, this is not their main business focus as this is only a passion he loves doing. He is more concerned about expanding his other business ventures and inspire the next generation to take up entrepreneurship to a whole new level.

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Perry Mandera, the CEO of Custom Companies

Perry Mandera is the founding principal and the chief executive officer of the Custom Companies Inc. He is experienced in the field of transportation and logistics as he has worked in the industry since 1976. Mandera has an experience of more than forty years servicing the shipping need of clients in Illinois and the entire country at large. Perry is a native of Chicago, and his professional experience began when he was at Marines Company.

When he was employed at Marines, Perry Mandera was in charge of transporting supplies and troops. He was dedicated to serving the people. Mandera has even helped in the armed forces and left the military in the year 1984. Upon his return to the civilian, he, and Mandera was elected to be the Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago, 26th ward. He served at the post for four years and during his reign he was the youngest Republic Ward Committeeman. Mandera was dedicated to help his Chicago residents and improve their living standards.

Perry Mandera also plays a vital role in the business sector as he is an entrepreneur. In recognition of his prowess in the business industry, Mandera was signed out as one of the Top American Transportation Executives of the Millennium in the year 2000 by the Illinois Transportation Association (ITA)

Accolades of the ITA are partly as result of Perry’s drive to incorporate the latest technology into his operations. Perry Mandera uses technology to make advancement s and improvement in his business so that it remains s up to date and offers quality services. He uses materials and devices that meet the high standards of the shipping industry.

Besides being a businessman, Perry Mandera is also a philanthropist who is passionate about giving back to the community. He always devotes himself and his time to donate resources to programmes meant for the less fortunate in society. Mandera’s charity activities mainly focus on helping the children who need aids especially the homeless ones. He does this by donating money and even offering material supports like transportation services and clothing.

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Isabel Dos Santos Helps Women Who Share Her Commitment to Determination and Hard Work

Isabel Dos Santos is a successful entrepreneur and business who has had an opportunity to speak in high profile conferences and other prestigious events. According to Forbes, she is worth about $2 billion, making her the richest woman in Africa. The daughter of the former president of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, has been committed to not only business causes, but also philanthropy causes. She is particularly looking to promote society through women empowerment and economic development.

Isabel Dos Santos has been at the helm of big companies in various industries in Angola and beyond. She has worked at companies in telecommunications, finance and construction. Dos Santos spent many years in England where she pursued electrical engineering at Kind’s College in London. She was invited by the Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace and Development where she highlighted what she does to improve the lives of people in her community.

When she is not busy with business pursuits or not attending to invitations to speak, Isabel Dos Santos engages draws attention to community leaders through her increased online press as well as international press. She often gives individuals who want to promote their communities a platform that increases their audience through her organization. Through dedication and hard work, she has created a large organization.

Women empowerment is at the center of  Isabel Dos Santos’s focus. She believes that Africa will have more innovators and drivers of the economy if women are advanced same growth opportunities as men. According to her, stigmatization of women at the workplace robs the economy major drivers. She is travels around Angola and beyond lifting women who have embraced passion and hard work to achieve their ambitions.

She is changing the future of many people through her causes. She leverages online content, speaking engagements and more to get issues of personal importance out there. According to BBC, Isabel is one of the most influential women in the world. Dos Santos acquired her wealth through taking stakes in large companies in Angola.  Today, she is working to promote the efforts of people in her community who share her commitment to determination and hard work.

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