What You Should Know about Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a prolific human rights activist and a film producer. He fights for the rights of people, particularly those who are powerless. Thor started his career as an advocate for human rights in 1989 when he was involved in the fight against South Africa’s Apartheid. Thor was in his adolescence at this time, but he had a strong passion within him towards defending the freedom for his fellow human beings. Thor’s father was taken as a political prisoner in Venezuela. Thor started protesting for his release. He organized for protests after seeking help from the Amnesty International. Several human rights organizations also helped him to champion for the liberation of his father. Thor’s dad was released from prison after his persistent and continuous protests. Thor had become a famous human rights activist by this time. Those who had relatives that had been wrongfully jailed started going to him for help.

Thor started a Human Rights Foundation that was based in New York after his mother’s shooting in 2004. The shooting happened while she was taking part in a political protest. The primary purpose of the foundation was to promote democracy and tolerance in America and to bring freedom to political prisoners. The foundation has been able to secure the release of seven prisoners since it was founded. They have also published two books that dwell on individual rights and state responsibilities. The foundation has given amicus briefs in significant cases of human rights internationally. It has presented evidence to truth commissions. Thor also founded Oslo Freedom Forum where he serves as its CEO. This is an annual gathering that is popularly known as “a spectacular festival for human rights.” The forum is fast grown and is often compared with the Davos Economic Forum.

Thor is the patron of a children’s peace movement in Prague known as On Own Feet. Thor holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History which he earned from the University of Pennsylvania. Thor sometimes lectures on the subject of human rights in various institutions. He was once invited to speak in the British parliament on human rights matters. He is involved in the fields of slavery, human trafficking, threats to democracy, and dictatorship. Thor is now famous all over the world as an activist who would go to any lengths to bring freedom to humanity due to his strong participation on issues of human rights.

The Beginning of a New World, Financially

The Davos Financial Group is a conglomerate of different independent Financial advisory committees dedicated to the continued financial support of the Latino Community within the United States of America. The group itself offers many levels of support, from the most basic Financial advice, to interpretation services and translation ability. In order to better assist its customer base, the group has recently launched a new application that customers can download and Implement known as Davos CAP calculator. This application allows customers to successfully estimate Returns on real estate. This is a useful tool in allowing customers to develop their own personal finance skills, something that founder and CEO of the Davis Financial Group David Osio has as a personal dream. Promoting and encouraging the self reliance of his under served customers is something that David Osio believes in in focuses his attention on. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/david-osio-and-his-executive-team-at-davos-real-estate-group-launch-its-new-real-estate-application-300288823.html


David Osio is a native of the South American country of Venezuela, where he grew up and entered the professional career as a lawyer. It was during this time as a lawyer that David Osio developed a sense of who he was, and that he truly wanted to provide independent and individualized services to people who could not serve themselves. He moved to Miami, Florida in the 1990s and developed the Davos Financial Group from the ground up in order to meet the particular financial needs of the Latino American community.

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Services such as whether or not a client should invest in starting a small business, what sort of housing properties would make sense and purchasing, and whether or not it would make sense for customers to invest in stocks and bonds, are all examples of the types of services that David Osio and the Davos Financial Group offer their clientele. This dedicated service means that the Latino Community within the United States can sleep better at night knowing that there’s someone out there who is willing to offer them trustworthy and honest advice when it comes to financial situations. The launching of this new application will further the popularity of the Davos Financial Group within the nation and will undoubtedly bring to them more customers as a result.


How to Choose a Reputation Management Service

Online reputation management helps you prevent public relations disasters or fix them completely. This service works to establish and protect your company once you address a crisis. For this reason, a company without online reputation management is doomed.

Online reputation has a great impact on your success as an entrepreneur. For this reason, it goes beyond fixing your search results to develop a searching strategy. Whether you are a business owner or an individual, reputation management protects your online image in social media and Google searches. This action prevents the display of unwanted content. Your brand will add value if you keep yourself working to promote your company-s image. Therefore, you will have your identity kept from being misused by other people.

Reputation Defender review services are very comprehensive. They cover more than just negative online reviews or just crisis control. It respires and protects the image of your company through their numerous strategies. When choosing an online reputation company, here are some of the features you should acquire.

Search engine management and optimization

This is the process through which your company content is ranked higher in the search engine. For this reason, a person looking for your company using a search engine is more likely to get the results accurately. Moreover, SEO can be used to emphasize on the positive information about the company leaving the negative comments. For this reason, online reputation with be achieved using this strategy. When you are looking for an online reputation management company, ensure to look for this factor.

Content management and development

You need to have high-end content for you to rank well in the search engines. This can be achieved through the creation of numerous blogs that assist the creation of content. Therefore, your online posts will be rich in informative articles and blogs. For this reason, the ranking will be achieved. Most of the best online reputation management companies will help you improve on online content. For this reason, your website will be well-organized to improve on searches. Credibility is highly crucial for better online reputation management. Most of these companies must ascertain the reliability of the information you created.


Avi Weisfogel Helps Others

He started off as a dentist, but Avi Weisfogel knew that he was destined to do more with his life. His first dental practice was named Old Bridge Dental Care, and he located it in New Jersey because he wanted to be close to his family. Avi was a great dentist who was loved by his patients. They honored him with the “Best Dentist” award on many occasions.


Avi was known for being a scholar. He attended Rutgers University. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and in Psychology before going on to get his Dentist degree at New York University. Avi was not content to be just a dentist, and he knew there had to be a way to help more people who were suffering from dental related problems. This prompted Avi to found Dental Sleep Masters. He began holding seminars where he trained other medical professionals on how to treat sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. Over the past 16 years, Avi has gained a great deal of experience in dentistry and applies that knowledge to the training of dental professionals.


In 2011, Avi saw another opportunity to help people. Mann founded “Healthy Heart Sleep”. Its purpose is to gather information on how patients suffer in order to provide them with better care. Avi is a believer in charity. He supports Operation Smile. When he saw that organization, it touched his heart. He maintains a GoFund Me page where others can make donations to help children in the Philippines who were born with cleft palates to live normally. This program is now supported by thousands of medical professionals all over the world. Children in 60 different countries are being helped by medical professionals like Avi.


Surprisingly, Avi Weisfogel is also a hip hop artist. He is active in Soundcloud where he shares his music with his audience. He loves dope beats and has a deep internal motivation create and share music with the world. Even though he is a late addition to the music world, he still wants to break through as an artist. Avi is definitely the coolest dentist, hip hop artists, and philanthropist you could ever meet.

The National Title Clearing, Inc. Updates its Website to Feature Property Reports

In response to the call for action from various entities regarding title defects, the Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. made effective changes. It ensured that all property reports became readily available via online ordering. Consequently, the National Title Clearing, Inc. unveiled an updated website geared towards making all property reports available online.

The National Title Clearing, Inc. made this move to address the title defects issues, which has been a thorn in the real estate market for several years. Title defects are attributed to various issues including wrongful foreclosures as well as stagnation in the transition of assets in the secondary market. NTC executives attribute property records to holding the key to ensuring a smooth title conveyance as well as the inability to foreclose.

Although title defects commonly occur when a person levels a claim to somebody else’s property, other factors can also make the title invalid. The factors include failing to file procedures during recording, failure to remove previous liens and issues with wording that do not adhere to the real estate guidelines in a given area. The National Title Clearing, Inc. made the following property reports available online including tax status(plus) report, tax status report, assignment verification report services and current owner report.

NTC obtains information from numerous sources during its operations or processes. This involves both human verification and automation. This attribute has highly assisted NTC in serving its largest clients including lenders under the most stringent audited compliance regulations. Additionally, it acknowledges its success to its ability to understand the outcomes needed by its customers.

Exploring the National Title Clearing, Inc.

National Title Clearing, Inc. has positioned itself as a specialist in audit, research and document processing provider for the country’s largest lenders, servicers and investors. It operates from a five-building campus based in Pinellas County. Previously, it had its headquarters situated in California. Since its inception in 1991, it has emerged as the biggest lien release as well as assignments provider in the globe. NTC operates and maintains a list of more than 100 distinct training courses on about 50 different positions. Some of the positions within NTC require about ten additional training courses, which require months to complete successfully.

NTC is driven by its devotion of delivering top-notch accuracy in research and document processing services. In 2016 alone, the company has recruited more than 450 local employees. This prompted the company into opening a Dallas, Texas-based office in a bid to accommodate its expanded operations. Through its experienced and well-trained land document and records specialists, NTC tracks and fulfills all document requirements in more than 3600 recording jurisdictions countrywide. Since 2011 to date, the National Title Clearing, Inc. has gained recognition as one of Tampa Bay Times Top 100 Workplace.

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Handy: A CEO Team That Learned From Their Missteps

Handy CEO Oisin Hanrahan and his partner Umang Dua run an uber for house cleaning. They had a new idea in 2012, an online onboarding strategy to match their cleaning pros with customers in 28 markets. Oisin and Umang had no problem getting investment funding, as they quickly painted this as the next big idea. This was a key advantage at the time as the other like minded companies were not successful in acquiring as much funding.

With this funding they focused on outspending their competition. It was during this time that the investment bubble bursted, and they had to make some hard cuts. They looked at their company as a whole and saw the biggest issue was their customer satisfaction. They hired a huge staff for customer service phone calls, and started to program chat bots to handle the first interaction with an unhappy customer. After that they started to lay off these customer service reps since they realized it was just not profitable to have so many human customer service representatives on their payrolls. They added more chat bots and more chat bot levels, and soon found that advice they had taken two years ago from investors had paid off huge.

They had wanted to break into all the markets they could at first. They were in 28 markets when their investors stopped them from going further. This was during the golden days of uber for this and uber for that. To compete, you had to grab all the land you could get as fast as possible. If a market didn’t have you in it, a competitor would quickly seize the market with their similar product and approach. Now however they found that by not going land grab crazy they could reap the benefits of a much more diverse, and happy customer / employee base. Visit https://www.handy.com/ for more info.


Jason Halpern’s Company Announces Aloft South Beach Topping Off

Jason Halpern-led JMH Development has made an announcement on the Aloft South Beach topping. The Aloft South Beach is a 235-room hotel that is set to open its doors come 2015 on Miami Beach’s heart. This project was developed by Madden Real Estate Ventures and JMH Development, and will reuse the remarkable Motel Ankara and also feature a fresh eight-story tower. Plaza Construction will be responsible for the construction works and the architect will be ADD Inc. The hotel is expected to be the first hotel in the South Beach area to be newly constructed ever since 2009, and will offer larger rooms than the competition, measuring more than 360 square feet on average.


The Principal of JMH Development, Jason Halpern, expressed his excitement following the Aloft South Beach’s topping. Jason has quite a reputation when it comes to the restoration of historic structures. He further added that the process of topping off a building signifies a huge milestone of the construction process. It also marks the start of the journey towards full completion, and finally opening of the hotel.


Aloft South Beach offers a key, sea front location that will guarantee access to the Lake Pan coast and Collins Canal, which surround the property. The property is also located just a block from the Miami Beach shores and at the center of South Beach. It is also a few minutes away from a number of art galleries, Miami Beach Convention, various night clubs, boutiques, restaurants and Bass Museum of Art. Guests at the hotel will have the opportunity to enjoy a roof deck lounge, outdoor pool, 24/7 fitness center and a huge meeting area (2,349 square feet) for social gatherings and meetings. The hotel will also offer free live access to local artists that are emerging and live bands at the hotel’s W XYZ bars.


About Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is a renowned real estate developer, and the current Principal of JMH Development. He took control over the family business back in 2010, and the company has so far invested over $500 million in projects based in the New York state. The investments include a major renovation project on 184 Kent Avenue that resulted in the building of 340 luxury apartments from a warehouse. JMH Development is responsible for the Cobble Hill project that consists of townhouses. This has lead to the addition of nine more luxury townhouses to the greater Brooklyn area. As the current Principal of JMH Development, he remains committed to the creation of innovative and new buildings for commercial space and rental property all over the New York state.


Jason is different from other developers due to his niche for developing in districts that are historic and his passion for the work. He builds rapport in all the cities he builds, and upholds the historical aspects of JMH Development and is philanthropic.


What is Naomi Campbell Up to These Days?

Naomi Campbell has led a professional modeling career to be envied, and at 46 years old she seems to be maintaining the natural beauty and fashion sense that propelled her forward. Along with being the first black model to be featured on the cover of Time Magazine, Campbell has been featured in over 500 different publications, graced the runways of the world’s top fashion designers, and made appearances in a great number of television programs and films. In 2012 Campbell began her involvement with the hit television series, “The Voice.” Campbell served as a supermodel coach, as well as the show’s executive producer. In addition to her professional achievements, Naomi Campbell has demonstrated her expert entrepreneurial skills in her charitable work throughout South Africa.

On November 3rd, Naomi made an appearance at the Wall Street Journal’s Innovator Awards. She wore a black floor-length gown that featured a revealing strappy top. Cambell’s shoulder length hair was pin straight and she donned long bangs that embraced her youthful face. In a public appearance one month earlier, Campbell wore another simple outfit that showed off her toned figure. This time it was an all white suit, with black embellishments, black peep-toe pumps, and a matching statement hat. The outfit was conservative but no less stunning than the evening gown she would awe with a month later.

While the look may be skin deep, Naomi has been busy working on deeper issues. Her charitable work once landed her side-by-side with Nelson Mandela. Today, she supports several charities that focus on healthcare, human rights, and the environment. She has also funded several of her own charities, including Fashion Relief and We Love Brazil. Her most notable contributions have been her continued commitment to helping disadvantaged women and children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Naomi Campbell is a rare example of a person who used their fame and skill to help others. She is confident in her ability to succeed and offers a genuine sense of hope for the future. Now, if only we could witness more celebrities like Naomi, then the world would surely be a better place.

John Goullet Achievements at Diversant

John Goullet is a respected successful entrepreneur who is based in the United States. Goullet is believed to have contributed to the successful development of companies in the information technology department. Goullet started his successful career by working as an IT consultant. He, later on, moved to the competitive IT staffing industry in the year 1994. John Goullet has a clear understanding of the Information Technology industry, and this is why he has been so successful.

Several years ago, John Goullet founded an IT firm known as Info Technologies. The company specializes in IT staffing, and it has done quite well. The company offers its services to medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 enterprises in the United States.

Five years after founding Info Technologies, the institution had grown significantly, and it was recognized as one of the fastest growing e in the country that is privately held. The successful businessman was given several awards for his contributions in the country. However, in the year 2010, Goullet decided to sell the company to Diversant LCC. After the merging of the two IT staffing companies, Goullet continued his passion for making positive changes in the industry.

John Goullet now serves as a principal at Diversant, a renowned certified minority business enterprise in the US. At the moment, the company is recognized as the largest American-African IT staffing agency. The institution offers the modern consumer an extensive range of services like the direct hire and IT augmentation. Under the leadership of John Goullet, Diversant has been very successful.

Diversant has done so well because it runs on some strict principles. These guidelines ensure that the customer gets quality services and products all the time. The partners, consultants, and clients of the institutions are given the priority. Since it was founded, Diversant focuses on customer satisfaction.

The IT Staffing Company also focuses on diversity. The company encourages creative thinking and innovations among its employees, and this is why the customers get the best services. Any problem that keeps the consumers awake makes the employees at Diversant get up early to solve it. The IT industry is very competitive and changes now and then. Diversant works hard to meet the changing demands of the modern consumer.

Securus Technologies Receives a Better Bureau Business Accreditation

Securus Technologies is a leading criminal and civil justice technology solutions provider for monitoring, corrections, investigation, and public safety. It announced that it received an A+ rating accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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Danny Hoyos, the Operations Vice President, stated that they have continually worked with BBB in Texas to chive this highest rating. However, they have also received the formal accreditation regarding what they print and speak in the media. Accreditation means that the company has worked together with BBB to meet the listed standards below.


  • Advertise Honestly – Adhere to established selling and advertising standards
  • Build Trust – Maintain and Establish a positive track record in the market
  • Tell the Truth – Honestly represent services and products, including adequate and clear material items disclosure.
  • Be Transparent – Openly identify the location, nature, and business ownership, and disclose all policies clearly, procedures and guarantees that bear on a customer’s decision to purchase.
  • Horror Premises – Abide by the oral representations and written agreements.
  • Be Responsive – Quickly address disputes in the marketplace in a professional way.
  • Embody Integrity – Approach all marketplace transactions, business dealings, and commitment to integrity.
  • Safeguard Privacy – Protect data collected against fraud and mishandling, collect personal information as required, and respect customer preferences of clients regarding information use.


Securus Technologies established an in-house call-center for them to enhance and improve customer service to over 25 million family members and friends. This action gives them advanced control over client service handling. It has enabled them to implement the BBB accreditation standards. Their representatives undergo an intensive training based on the BBB standards. They respond to over 2.5 million calls every month. They have a customer satisfaction rated 4-stars. These results attest to their commitment to the BBB standards and clients.


This accreditation means that they have implemented the BBB standards. BBB acknowledged that Securus Technologies is the largest full-spectrum solutions and facility provider with over 1,300 associated nationwide. Accreditation means that whatever the company says, it does. The company enjoys the real scrutiny of BBB and believe in their practical philosophy. Securus serves over 3,450 public safety, correction and law enforcement agencies and more than 1,200,000 inmates in America.