Bob Reina: Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a video communication service that allows people to connect with one another. Starting with Video Email in 2007, Talk Fusion has now grown into something much more because of their innovation to engage the future. Along with video technology, Talk Fusion provides products such as live video chat, live meeting and conference clarifications, video newsletters and a broad variation of marketing, analytics and report improvements. Being such a simple service, anyone would love to be able to have access to something like this. You simply create your video message on a computer, or any device really, then upload it to the Talk Fusion software. After, you can edit the video with whatever else you want and send it out to one or multiple recipients. These products may seem pricey but they are surely not! Being affordable, easy to use and having many options are exactly what makes this so great.

Bob Reina is the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Leading this program with his hardworking spirit, natural ability and his expertise, he has created something exceptional. He enables others to live their dreams and to follow their aspirations. Having many years of marketing experience has earned him great respect to his reputation, as a pioneering manager in the business. Not only does he run such a big industry but he stays humble about all of it by being distinguished for his many community participations. He truly takes being grounded and having it all, to a whole new level.

Bob Reina isn’t only the founder of this wonderful company but he is also a former police officer. He went to school at the University of Florida and after he completed his studies, he went into the Tampa Police Academy. Spending most of his time doing honorable work, Bob still continued to bring insight and dedication to his work. Even though he was working a good job with a steady pay, he gave up all that just to pursue his dream of marketing. This was a bold move that could have ended two different ways but thankfully, it was a success.

DEVCO’s Role in Brunswick City

Redevelopment is a characteristic of many America’s great cities. These projects are aimed at providing transformations in the city to better suit the functions and activities carried in the city. These create more job opportunities to the public, restore the communities pride for their city, and provide new cultural shopping and recreation opportunities within the community among others.

In New Jersey’s Brunswick City these projects are overseen by the New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO). This real estate development organisation was formed in the mid-1970s to initiate redevelopment projects and also serve as a path for both public and public investors in the city. Devco is guided by a set of principles that ensure its mandate is a carried out to the letter.

Over the years, Devco has had a positive effect on both the economy and growth of Brunswick City. The company has over 2.5 million square feet of redevelopment projects, all aimed at economic revitalization of Brunswick’s economy. The projects increase investment opportunities in the area. The company has been successful in addressing public policy challenges and also reclaiming a quality urban lifestyle.

Redevelopment projects require funding to be accomplished. The rise of various bodies that provide financial aid to bodies concerned with the redevelopment projects is a sigh of relief. Once funded, the organisation distributes the funds to its projects in progress or yet to be started. The funds provided have a repayment period and which should be met and with a varying or fixed amount of interest.

At press release in Atlantic City, New Brunswick organisation has been questioned over failure to pay a loan offered by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Devco failed to pay $1 million interest of $20 million it had received from CRDA. This creates doubts and questions about the county development Authority


Using Wikipedia for More Than Just Research

It isn’t easy to motivate young adults from a generation with expectations of instant results. Because of advances in technology, software programs on computers and phones will automatically change misspelled words, so many students have become dependent upon this autocorrect feature instead of learning to spell with accuracy. Abbreviations and slang terms have also distorted language so badly that they often do not take the time to write properly, even if it is for a grade. And sadly, some students do not even know how to do research that is based on books written by expert authors. Everything has become about speed and technology. Those who fight it will be left far behind in the technological rat race.

Teachers in Sydney have decided to go with the flow instead of fighting it though, and their first step has been to use a website called Wikipedia in the classroom. Instead of turning in essays to the teachers, now students are required to make a Wiki page and submit their written articles to the site for approval. They also help make Wikipedia edits to previously accepted articles and send and receive helpful feedback. In return, they gain knowledge about proper writing skills that will help prepare them for future jobs.

No one knows the importance of proper writing better than the professional Wikipedia editors for hire from Get Your Wiki. The team of writers at Get Your Wiki understands how difficult it is to have a page accepted by Wikipedia. Many articles get rejected because of the author had poor writing skills or did not choose the right subject matter. In fact, it can be so difficult to get work accepted by the site that companies have started hiring Wiki writers from the Wikipedia writing company Get Your Wiki for all their writing, editing, and translating needs.

To learn more about the importance of a Wikipedia page creation for your brand or business, click here to visit this Project Eve article.

Bellamy By Brian Bonar Sticks To San Diego Tradition

Bellamy by Brian Bonar sits right in the middle of Escondido, and it is a place that Brian Bonar wants people all over San Diego to try. He believes in serving the best food from some of the best recipes in the world, but he wants to do so in a place that makes people feel like they are sitting in a place stuck in time, He is going to be able to make it easy for people to have a good time when they come downtown, and he is creating a new place out in the country that will be even nicer.

Bellamy is named just like a lot of the other places in the area, and he wants it to feel like it has been there since the city was founded. The name fits right in, and Brian Bonar serves food that most people would only find at places that require a coat and tie.

He took away the coat and tie, and he replaced it with an ambience that people find relaxing because it is a simple place to come and have a bite to eat before moving on with the rest of their day.

Mr. Bonar wants to put a really nice ranch out in the country where he is going to put his best kitchen and chef. He is setting an empire of places to eat that people will love, and he wants the ranch to be a place where people can go to events.

Being able to go to events something that makes food taste even better, and Brian could begin farming on the land if he wanted to. He is going to keep his options open, and he is going to stay true to what people value in the San Diego area.

San Diego is a quiet city that tries to remain as calm as it can. San Diego wants to maintain its image as being the biggest city in America that can still have fun, and Mr. Bonar likes the fact that it is so laid back where he lives now that people will come into his restaurant and hang out.

San Diego Magazine He has a lunch crowd that is great, and he has a dinner crowd that is just as good. Some people come to the bar, and other people come because he has the best European food anywhere.

San Diego gets better every time Mr. Bonar opens a new place. He is making downtown Escondido look great, and he is opening a ranch that will accommodate anyone. He is using his Scottish roots to build an empire in the San Diego area, but he is fitting right in. His love of the area is obvious.

Real Estate in New York City

Dave Liniger, the president of RE/MAX, has a new proposal for the residents of New York City. He recently announced that his company will be fully focused on the city. Dave is very popular in the country, having managed to build an international powerhouse from a regular shop.

In his announcement to the world, Liniger said that he was fully prepared to venture into the real estate industry in New York City. One of the reasons why he has chosen to do this is the fact that he needs to empower the brokerages at the local level and at the same time expand his business territory.

Just like any other company leader, Linger has to put in place some important measures to ensure that everything becomes successful. He had to appoint Terri Bohannon, one of the veterans in his company to lead a team of specialist who will start a new marketing and branding campaign, and this will be of great benefit to the operation.

The team of specialists, according to Dave will operate and do quite well because he has a lot of trust to the leader of the team. When he ventured New Jersey region, the plan was very successful. According to him, the company already has twenty percentage shares in the modern market. The shares of the company are just the same in both England and Pennsylvania.

The company has managed to do so much in the United States, and he was able to acquire over 100 agents located in different parts of the country. Linger started the company a long time ago, in the 1970s, and through hard work, he has raised a very powerful company that has spread in various places.

Town Residential is one of the real estate institutions that based in the New York City. Founded several years ago, Town Residential has also become quite successful, and it has changed many lives of individuals staying in the city. The company has employed some of the most influential and powerful teams that are quite experienced in real estate matters. This is one of the reasons why the company has become very powerful and successful.

Lime Crime Cosmetics Are Disrupting The Beauty World

Lime Crime Cosmetics are disrupting the beauty world in a very positive way. Lime Crime is a very innovative makeup line that is filled with whimsical colors. For example, the wicked lipstick line is one of the most popular lines in the company. The velvetine lipsticks feature inspiring colors like Beet It, Black Velvet, Bleached, Buffy, Fetish, Pink Velvet, Pumpkin, Rave, Salem, Squash, Teddy Bear, Wicked, and more. The Lime Crime products are vegan based and animal cruelty free. The creator and CEO of this unique makeup line is Doe Deere. Fortunately, the makeup is available all over the Internet.

Lime Crime Is Disrupting The Beauty World
The creator of Lime Crime spent a few years developing just the right makeup line and colors that would inspire women to be creative. Facebook users have always said Lime Crime colors are definitely one of a kind. Women enjoy playing around with the colors and creating their own special look for daily wear or special occasions. Lime Crime cosmetics are also high quality as DollsKill user reviews show. For example, a lot of customers state that the velvetine lipsticks are amazing. Women are able to wear the lipstick all day long without worrying about having to touch up the lipstick. Quite a few women state that they receive a lot of amazing complements, while they are wearing the lipstick. Women are definitely falling in love with the velvetine line of products. Certainly, the very adorable packaging is also responsible for their attractiveness too. The product looks super cute sitting on a makeup table, dresser, or on a bathroom shelf.

Lime Crime
Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere. She launched the company back in 2008. Doe Deere was born in Russia, but she grew up in New York City. Doe Deere was obsessed with whimsical colors at a very young age. This growing love for unique and magical colors inspired her to create a makeup line that matched her love for artful colors. Today, she is the successful founder of one of the most popular cosmetic lines in the world. Doe Deere firmly believes that her dedication to providing the best for Lime Crime customers, led to her success.  They continue to maintain a popular social media presence, as Lime Crime can be found through both Twitter, as well as Tumblr.

Soros Hands Kasich Campaign Contributions Under The Table

The Koch brothers are used as an example of corruption, especially the power of money in American politics. The Koch brothers have pledged to spend $900 million in the 2016 presidential race in support of Republican candidates and this has made them a lightning rod for liberals throughout the country. reports the left has their own financier, an 85-year-old Forbes billionaire hedge fund manager named George Soros. He burst onto the scene during the George W. Bush years, donating millions of dollars to Democratic congressional candidates in opposition of the Republican president. To conservatives, he has become a lightning rod. That is why the conservative media screamed foul when they discovered that two of George Soros’s employees and friends have donated almost a half $1 million to the presidential campaign of Republican governor John Kasich.

If you dig a little deeper, this is an apparent attempt to stop Donald Trump, but it may backfire. Staunch conservatives may turn away from Kasich at the polls if they discover he’s being financed by the liberal answer to the Koch brothers. But why is a vote for Kasich a vote against Trump? And why is Soros trying to stop Trump before he secures the nomination?

George Soros has a knack for seeing potential pitfalls and danger lurking around the corner. He learned this ability from his non-observant Jewish father, who he watched at a young age grow fearful of Nazi rhetoric. Long before the Nazis reached their home city of Budapest, Hungary, his father took action, changing their family’s name and securing false documents showing that they were not Jewish. This helped the Soros family survive the war, but a young Soros was forced to register with the Nazis.

According to NY Books. a registration of Muslim Americans is on Donald Trump’s agenda. He sees this hateful step echo a Nazi platform from his youth. A youth he survived, and after moving to London as a refugee with no money, he thrived. But Donald Trump wants to build a wall, blaming some of the Americas problems on immigrants. George Soros the founder of Open Society promotes, through various initiatives, open borders and acceptance because he believes in the potential of immigrants to do good just as he did. In short, he sees the potential pitfalls and dangers of Donald Trump if he secures the Republican nomination for president.

But Trump needs Ohio because Ohio gives all of its delegates to the winner of the primary. With so many candidates still in the race, it will be difficult for Trump to secure enough delegates to win the nomination before the convention without winning Ohio. Without enough delegates, many in the Republican establishment may move to stop Trump from becoming the nominee even if he has the most delegates. This could inspire Donald Trump to run as a third-party candidate where he will split the Republican party. And since George Soros is a liberal sympathizer, fracturing the Republican Party would be an added bonus to stopping the hateful march of Donald Trump. With this move, it’s easy to see how Soros made so much money as a businessman.

White Shark Media Complaints Review


White Shark Media: How To Handle Customer Complaints

Are you a business owner or organization leader looking for ways to handle customer complaint effectively? Customer complaints is inevitable in business and there are proven ways to deal with these and ensure complete customer satisfaction. If resolved appropriately, and promptly, you can turn the situation into a positive one.

White Shark Media is well known for delivering fast and honest business promotion solutions. Their world-class customer service is what keeps clients coming back. The company has helped thousands of businesses achieve their marketing objectives by utilizing innovative online marketing tactics along with their suite of proprietary marketing resources.

Resolving customer complaints is something that White Shark Media takes seriously. Their staff is highly knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with customer complaint or other business related issues. When a customer or client presents a complaint or dissatisfaction, the company takes the time to listen to the complaint in order to gather important facts about the situation.

When they get a client’s complaint, they avoid emotional response as doing so will only irritate the client further. The staff at White Shark Media pays close attention to the client and listens to the entire situation before giving their response. Their staff assesses the circumstances surrounding the issue and devises an appropriate solution.

White Shark Media believes that their customers or clients have the right to complain when things go wrong, and they encourage them to do so. This is because the impact of satisfying the complaining client or customer can be incredibly beneficial or positive for companies. White Shark Media view complaints as useful reviews for their organization.

White Shark Media is committed to their clients’ continued success and satisfaction. This is why the company intends to be innovative with their cost-effective, top notch marketing solutions with full transparency and integrity. The company believes in being honest with clients right from start, and if any discrepancy or misunderstanding arises, it is resolved to the client’s satisfaction.

White Shark Media has been acknowledged as a leader in search engine marketing and one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the industry. Their growth is derived from their reputation of developing cost-effective strategies and successful Search Marketing campaigns.

White Shark Media helps numerous small to medium sized businesses around the world achieve tremendous growth and profits. As a reliable search engine marketing firm, White Shark Media has developed innovative advertising strategies to help businesses reach their goals. To learn more about the benefits of choosing White Shark Media for your search engine marketing and advertising campaigns, visit their website. You will be delighted when you understand what they are offering and how their proven expertise can help your business become successful.

Ellipse USA Co-Founder Jon Urbana Releases Creative Videos

Jon Urbana, co-founder of Ellipse USA and founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, has released a number of creative videos online to share his artistic ideas. Jon’s videos share his interests with his followers and give the world a look at his life outside of business. His interests include flying, travel, skiing, and video editing as well as photography. Jon lives in Denver, CO and many of his videos feature the nearby area. Most of them are posted to his official website at

Four months ago, Jon posted a video to his Vimeo page that shows his passion for the great outdoors. The video shows Rocky Mountain National Park and snow covered mountains from a wide angle that includes many peaks and tree covered mountainside. The video also features close ups of a flowing creek and waves of overgrown grass fields. Jon contrasts clips of the mountain peaks with the valley floor and the slow moving water that travels through it. He titled the video, “A Fall Morning at Rocky Mountain National Park.”

A video from Rochester, NY featuring the Kodak tower was made by Jon Urbana and posted to his page in December. The 30 second video shows shows a static view of the top of the 19 story Kodak tower which is part of the larger Rochester skyline. Clouds pass by the tower in a time-lapse style video with a bright blue sky in the background.

In a tribute to Jon’s love for the outdoors and one of his fundraisers, Jon recently posted a close-up video of an adult black cat. In the video, a full sized black cat lays in the sunlit grass relaxing on it’s stomach and meowing gently. The video is a tribute by Jon to the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society which primarily benefits orphaned cats in the Denver, CO area. Jon currently has another related video up which details how the ARAS can be supported.

Jon Urbana’s passion for flying is shown in another video posted to his Vimeo, a scene from a recent flight with clouds and an airplane wing silently passing through the sky. In the video’s caption Jon says, “There’s no better view than from the sky.”

Tough Road Ahead: George Soros On The Economy

George Soros is known for his philanthropic and investment work. He has created a dynasty in both worlds. Soros started out in investment and was then able to turn to philanthropy because of his success in investments. Soros first worked as a traveling salesman and sold goods in Welsh seaside resorts. He then got a job in London with Singer and Friedlander. He credits getting this job to the fact that the managing director was, like Soros, from Hungary. Soros worked at the merchant bank for 2 years. First he was a clerk and he then was transferred to the arbitrage department.

In 1956, Soros decided to move to the United States. He got a job with a former co-workers father at F.M. Mayer. Soros served as an arbitrage trader and specialized in European stocks. 3 years later, he moved to Wertheim and Co. Soros served as an analyst of European Securities. Soros then moved on to Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder. He served as a vice president at this investment firm and during this time he also started developing what became the 12 million dollars that Soros Fund Management was based on. It was 17 years after he moved to the United States that Soros decided it was time to found his own investment fund. During his time at the helm of Soros Fund Management, George Soros was able to create record breaking results for himself and for his clients.

Because of all of this success, the opinion of George Soros is taken very seriously by investors and analysts alike. When Soros recently stated his concern for the global economy, Bloomberg dove further into the story to see what exactly Soros was saying. The article summarized Soros’ concerns that he shared at a Sri Lankan economic forum. Soros stated that investors need to be cautious because the global markets are facing a crisis that is very similar to the one that happened in 2008. Soros went on to explain that because of China’s recent struggles, it is causing a strain on the global economy.

The article went on to show startling numbers from various volatility indexes. The index that measures the cost of protections on shares in Japan showed an increase of 43 percent in 2016. There was a 13 percent increase in the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index. And treasury bonds are expected to increase in price by nearly 6 percent. The article then went on to explain how the situation in China is only causing the numbers to worsen. The weakness in the world’s second largest economy is continuing after the government cut interest rates.