Russia Burns Books and Bans Two Organizations Run by George Soros

According to Russian media, a college in Northern Russia has burned 53 books donated by a foundation established by George Soros. This happened after the organization was viewed as threat and banned by Russian authorities. According to Russian news site 7×7 reports that cited an official letter originating from the regional education ministry, college libraries within Komi were searched last month. This was done to find manuals and textbooks related to a program run by Soros’ foundation.
In Vorkuta Mining and Economic College, 53 books were found to be related to the Renewal of Humanitarian Education program. They were later confiscated and burned according to the 7×7 report. Additionally, the letter from claimed that another 427 books were yet to be shredded. According to an intergovernmental letter released in December by local media, a presidential envoy asserted that charities run by Soros were creating a perverted perception of history as well as making ideological directives contrary to Russian ideology.
In November, two branches of Soro’s foundation network were banned by Russia’s General Prosecutor’s Office. This placed the Open Society Institute and Open Society Foundation on a stop list. This is a compilation of foreign non- governmental organizations whose dealings are deemed undesirable by the Russian State. In July 2015, the Russian government hinted that it might ban a number of pro democracy charities after accusing them of initiating soft aggression in Russia. Soros established the Open Society Foundation network to aid countries move from communism. The charity supports projects associated with democracy building across the world. This information was originally mentioned on CBNC as highlighted in the link below
In a statement released by the Russian prosecutor’s office, the Open Society Foundation and Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation posed a threat to the foundations of the Russian constitutional system as well as the security of the state. Soros had urged the west to increase aid to Ukraine, outlining a $50 billion-financing package, to safeguard against Russia that was becoming more aggressive in early 2015. As much as the statement did not elaborate, this could have been the reason behind the ban.
The Open Society foundation was dismayed by the ban. The foundation has played a major role in helping to strengthen the rule of law in Russia for over 25 years contrary to the prosecutors’ claims. While commenting on the ban, Soros said that he was confident that the move was a temporary anomaly. According to him, the aspirations of the Russian citizens for a great future will succeed in the end and cannot be suppressed. This information was mentioned on Fortune as outlined below
George Soros is the chairperson of the Open Society Foundation that presently operates in more than 100 countries. He began his philanthropy initiatives in 1979 when he offered scholarships to black South African students under the apartheid era. This was after having great success in the financial markets. The Open Society Foundation endeavors to promote human rights, open society and transparency values. Soros has written extensively, publishing several books and articles. The books he has written include “The Tragedy of the European Union” that he published in 2014. His essays and articles on economics and politics appear regularly on major newspapers and magazines across the world. This information was mentioned on as found below

Flavio Maluf Works To Advance Brazil

Flavio Maluf, son of well-known Brazilian politician Paulo Maluf, was born on December 2, 1961 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He graduated from the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) before living abroad and graduating at the New York University (NYU). He received a degree in mechanical engineering and law, and has been the president and owner of Eucatex for over 30 years. Maluf is also the president of GrandFood Group which produces pet food.

His father began the Eucatex Company in 1951 as a family enterprise, which manufactures various products dealing with acoustic comforts. Flavio Maluf began work in the trade department of Eucatex in 1987. In 1996, he transferred to the industrial department and became one of the executives of the Eucatex Group. Due to his success in the company and helping it to prosper, Maluf became the president of Eucatex in place of his uncle. He opened two new factories in Brazil, one in Salto Sao Paulo in 2010.

His bio shows that Maluf is an active participant in charity events and volunteers in programs around his local community. His most recent contribution was a donation of a much needed x-ray machine to the Maternity Hospital Idio Carli. He also works to keep his company, Eucatex, environmentally friendly. Due to the reliance of wood in products his company produces, the preservation of forests is vital to the future of Eucatex; therefore, Maluf works diligently to make sure they are protected. Maluf has partnered Eucatex with multiple conservational programs, such as the Environmental Education Program. These programs help give back to the community by providing education and research.

Maluf married Jacqueline Torres Coutinho and had three children. His 22 year old daughter graduated from London with a degree in chemical engineering. His 19 year old son owns administration companies, while his youngest child is currently studying engineering in England.  Maluf remains an expert in Brazil, and somebody that the community looks to for financial advice and commentary.  He’s also a big talker on education, and what technology will bring the world in the future.

Igor Cornelsen: The Investment Adviser

Igor Cornelsen is an investor and an investment adviser. He advises other investors to make sound choices and venture into long term businesses. Igor goes through their portfolio and guides them into picking winners in the stock market.

Igor Cornelsen being an economist advises people e to invest in passive income. He says that many individuals want to make money without getting involved directly. This can make them venture into passive income or activities that generate little profit. However, Igor Cornelsen gives the advantages of this kind of investment. They include; income flows continuously, in this type of business one makes money even hen asleep or absent.

One requires a little resource to set up the business. These resources are needed at the beginning and when the business start flowing, no additional is needed. Getting into this business requires no direct involvement on Unlike active income, one has to be involved directly, and failure to money will not be generated which makes people work even if they are tired and sick.

In passive income, the investor’s work is getting good money making activity and put up a working strategy. Checking of the progress can be done in rare times. It gives one time to be involved in other activities. As the cost of living keeps on rising, people has to earn and spend more to make ends meets. This puts them under life pressure. According to Igor cornelsen on brandyourself, the best choice is to start an own online business that one can comfortably manage from the comfort of their homes.

Igor Cornelsen is a longtime investor who is in the company to make profit and money. In the investing business, one should be ready to sacrifice and be prepared to be in it for many years to come. The stock market is not where people make fast money. It is where one invests their funds wisely, because getting a good return takes time.

Igor advises people to make small investments rather than the large ones. Having a lot of businesses minimize the losses on could make and improves the opportunities for being successful. For all this to be possible be prepared to stay in the long business game. For example, companies that are productive have been consistent in the field.

Many businesses don’t just pay off without having a good plan and strategies. One has to better investment goal and have enough knowledge in investment career. People just wake up and become successful investors. The idea that stocks are like playing the lottery is absurd.

A profit of 500 percent can be realized if there is the commitment to studying and playing the equity markets for a lifetime. With the above advice from Mr. Igor, one can manage their portfolios in a better way.

Medical Employment Made Easier by Brian Torchin

As the owner and president of HCRC Staffing, he understands the importance of helping doctors find gainful employment. He worked as a medical professional in the area of chiropractic medicine. For many years he had first hand knowledge of how hard it was to find doctors and other medical professionals jobs in the area they wanted. He started HCRC as a way of bridging the gap in medical employment. By allowing medical professionals and hospitals to connect, they could network and make finding employment easier.

Based out of Philadelphia, HCRC Staffing’s mission is to combine years of medical knowledge as well as staffing knowledge to great an advanced hiring standard that is coupled with ethical, direct, consultive, and detailed approach. His resume shows that Torchin managed medical offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida so he was familiar with the difficulty of finding medical personnel. He started staffing his offices and then expanded into staffing for others. This brought about the development of HCRC or Health Care Recruitment Counselors.

With years of working tirelessly for his own medical profession and companies, he was a perfect candidate to start a staffing company that worked mainly within the medical profession. He had extensive knowledge and a large data base because of the years he spent working. It was easy to develop a larger data base because of his connections throughout the years. Seeing an opportunity to help the profession he loved, HCRC was born. Anyone who needs a job or is in need of hiring a qualified employee can tell you it takes time and great management skills to weed through the hiring process. Brian Torchin took the hard work he had already done, and developed a way to reach more medical professionals and facilities so that they could hire and employ the candidates needed to get the job done.  Brian’s Twitter has even more information.

How Men Are Dressing Better Than Ever

It’s no secret that men have been dressing better than ever. The era that implied the average man couldn’t dress well is long gone along with all of its accompanying stereotypes. As more and more join shave clubs, concern themselves over the way their clothes fit and even accessorize, the fear of looking good has vanished and all that’s left is handsomely clad men. But how did this change occur? Well through the internet, men everywhere are able to find the ideal fit and style to suit their personality and lifestyle without ever having to leave home. As shopping is often the male’s natural enemy, the emergence of the world wide web has made things easy for the average guy.

With more affordable retailers now offering their merchandise online, many are falling in love with high end brands like Paul Evans for the first time. Those searching for economically priced, high quality shoes have found solace in the Paul Evans brand. Revolutionizing the retail experience, Paul Evans has developed a stellar reputation for their comfort and style using only the best materials available and delivering straight to customers’ doorsteps.

Now that timeless style is readily offered for a cost that won’t break the bank, men are able to avoid the middle man and go straight to the cream of the crop. Featuring products skillfully crafted by hand from Italian artisans, men around the world are converting to shoe lovers devoted to the Paul Evans brand.

Looking great and feeling fantastic has never felt so good as retailers come out of the woodwork with simplistic and versatile staples and statement pieces that don’t cost a fortune. Whether you’re looking for a tailored suit or simply a nice fitting pair of jeans, the internet is where it’s at for the stylish men of today who happen to be in the know. What are you waiting for? Get with the times and look good doing it.

U.S. Money Reserve: The True Cost of a Penny

In a CNBC Squawk Box interview with the U.S. Money Reserve president, Philip Diehl, the question at hand was not whether the U.S. penny was too expensive to continue producing, but whether or not the discontinuation of the coin would distort and perhaps even press inflation further. Diehl states that the aforementioned argument is one that has been made for the last 25 years by penny lobbyists, among whom have private interests in the production of the penny; Zinc manufacturers, since pennies are comprised of 97.5 percent Zinc, and the Illinois Congressional Delegation, for the use of Abraham Lincoln’s image, are the primary lobbyists pushing for the penny to remain in production. The fear of distortion and/or inflation persisting do due the suspension of the penny comes into question mainly in the sale of goods, where consumers feel that companies will choose to round up their prices. Diehl argues that with the state of the current market price, companies are well within their means to raise the prices of goods now. Diehl suggests that companies are more likely to round prices down to avoid “…irritating the customer for a penny” (P. Diehl, CNBC Squawk Box, December 30, 2015). With 75 percent of all transactions being in an electronic format, rounding down prices would only affect a small portion of the 25 percent cash transactions.

Would the American people really mourn the loss of the penny, when millions of them are thrown away on a daily basis? Is it worth producing a coin that pays less than minimum wage to stoop down and pick up off the street? Many hold sentimental value to the penny, but by removing the penny from production, the U.S. Reserve would save 105 million dollars, which is a small savings in capital when compared to the nickel, which costs well over five cents to create. However, Diehl states that there is a better opportunity to reconfigure the composition of the nickel to make it profitable or close to profitable. It is clear that efforts have been made to preserve the coin, but “…the penny is beyond hope…it has outlived its usefulness for over 25 years” (P. Diehl, CNBC Squawk Box, December 30, 2015).


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Bruce Levenson’s Growing Learning Center

The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, located at the University of Maryland, has rapidly grown to become a leading center for these studies. The program was originally launched with just seed money from Bruce and Karen Levenson, and over the years the couple has donated enough monetary gifts to continue to grow this learning annex. The center is home to numerous courses and programs which culminate in $10,000 gifts to non-profit organizations. This year, due to the rise in popularity, the center featured a living and learning dorm that housed 60 freshmen taking courses there. The center is home to the Do Good Challenge where thousands of students participate each year in the campus wide competition that challenges students to make a big and great social impact for their cause. The winner receives $20,000 to help their cause. The center’s mission is to not only give students experience and knowledge to be a strong generation of leaders in the non-profit industry, but to guarantee that students attending the University of Maryland are informed and driven philanthropist. Students who are part of this program are usually wanted by non-profit groups located in the D.C. area for things like Marriott Foundation and the Smithsonian. The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership is an innovative way to provide higher learning. The center has had a big impact on both local as well as international communities. The skills obtained in the program serve both in the United States as well as around the world. Bruce Levenson, the one who originally funded and started the program, believes that this center has the ability to have a very profound impact. Information originally posted at

Choosing An Assisted Living Facility

Finding the right assisted living facility can be a task that nobody wants to face, but many people are left without the choice to decide if they are going to do it or not. While it may be a dreaded chore, it is one that can be made slightly easier with a few simple tips.

When choosing an assisted living facility like the Manse on Marsh, you need to be sure that the facility is all about the people who are living there. The facility should be dedicated to your wellness and happiness. It should also be focused on different options. For example, the Manse on Marsh offers different levels of independence that you will be able to choose from depending on where you are at in your walk of life. This choice is an excellent option for nearly anyone, no matter what type of assisted living they are looking for.

By choosing a facility that has been in operation for many years, you will be able to give yourself the gift of tradition and experience. This experience can lead to a better one for you and will give you plenty of assurance when it comes to your care while you are at the facility. Making the right choice between a facility that is brand new or one that has the right tools it needs to operate is the difference between having a facility that is functioning and one that causes you more stress.

There are many good choices when deciding on your assisted living facility, but the Manse on Marsh gives you plenty of luxuries and activities. The facility is committed to their residents safety, security and satisfaction. With weekly activities for the residents, an onsite hair and nail salon and 24/7 assistance available, you will be able to stay healthy, happy and active while you are at the Manse on Marsh. Unlike other facilities that are simply dedicated only to health, the Manse on Marsh works to make your lifestyle enriching, inviting and luxurious, and that’s the part reviews praised the most.

When you are looking for an assisted living facility, you should be sure that the staff is well trained and dedicated to the residents. Choosing a facility that has staff on call 24/7 is one of the best options. You will be able to get a taste of what it is like to live in luxury and you will be able to truly let go and enjoy yourself. By finding a facility that has an expert staff, you will be able to enjoy the facility. Finding a facility like that is more than just a chore, it is an opportunity for you to truly begin creating a life changing and enriching experience in assisted living.

Jaime Garcia Dias and The Literary Life

What is the mark of a true writer? A true writer is one who conveys a world of wit and ideas in his writing and loves the process of creating so much he can’t ever leave it behind. By these markers, Brazilian literary force Jaime Garcia Dias is a true writer, and one who is proud to claim the title for himself. He’s not the only one who is proud of his accomplishments, however.

Wikipedia shows that Jaime Garcia Dias was given the White Crane Award for Achievement in Literature in 2001, which was a huge sign for the author that he was on the right path in his life. He had long wished to become a writer, following in the footsteps of his father, who was also a literary figure in Brazil. The award inspired Dias to continue his work as a storyteller. Now, with over ten books to his credit, there’s no doubt this writer is a voice that will not be stopped, no matter how difficult the journey.

His many YouTube videos dedicated to this principle show that Jaime Garcia Dias is a writer who believes in young voices and in inspiring them just as he was inspired by his own teachers and other writers. His CrunchBase work history shows that the author joined the teaching staff of his alma mater, the Carioca Academy in Brazil, early on in his career, and in 1993 he was named Vice President of the School. His leadership of the school helped point it in the direction of journalistic studies, where it is now known for its academic prowess. There’s no doubt that the association with this notable writer has helped establish the school’s place as a leading academic center in Brazil.

Today Jaime Garcia Dias continues his hard work in forging new paths in creative writing. His 2013 series of stories in the Jornal do Brazil was very well received and lead to an offer to continue as a series writer, and it also saw his blog really take off as well. This exciting development was another moment of inspiration for the author, who continues on his lifelong path of writing and creating on a daily basis.

Renaissance Man of the Finance World

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who is more knowledgeable or experienced in the finance world than Brad Reifler. His resume is as impressive as many of the wonders of the world. He is a “Renaissance Man” in the world of independent finance; he is thirty plus years into his career, and only still heating up.  Just take a look at his home, you can see the man has been a success.

Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire

In 1981, Brad Reifler graduated from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, having received bachelor’s degrees in economics and political science according to Wikipedia. Afterward, Reifler wasted no time making his mark on the finance world; in 1982, he founded his first company, Reifler Trading Company. The company grew, and before long was managing hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary accounts. Eventually, RTC took on institutional research and global derivative advisory. Reifler Trading Company continued to grow at a dizzying pace and became one of the country’s largest independent futures operations.

By 1995, with Reifler Trading Company being a forerunner in the financial world, Reifler founded Pali Capital, a sell side broker. He also began managing Refco Inc’s Institutional Sales Desk. In 2000, he sold his still growing Reifler Trading Company to Refco, which under his leadership had become the word’s preeminent futures company.

Still Rising

In 2009, Brad Reifler worked some more of his magic, this time founding Forefront Capital. What sets Forefront apart is its community approach that maximizes relationships across a plethora of firms and even fields of expertise. Of its many subsidiaries, the newest one is Forefront Income Trust. This new initiative looks to focus on what many in the financial world call the 99%, (those who averaged less than 250,000 in income over the last two years, and those whose net worth is less than $1 million).

This new initiative is a great opportunity for those who normally would not be able participate in high yield investments due to not being of an elite financial endowment. Through this new venture, Reifler is doing his part to close the wealth gap through smart investing and the tips he provides. All it takes is $2500 to become an investor with Forefront Income Trust. Much to the chagrin of the “old guard” of Wall Street, Forefront does not charge management fees to is investors of lesser means, and will not benefit financially until the investor makes 8%. Now, that’s what you call giving back.

Say Hello

Say hello to the Renaissance Man of the finance world, his name is Bradly Reifler. He got his start in investing, trading, and fund management over 30 years ago when he started his first company straight out of college, and he hasn’t looked back. Since his “Big Bang” start, to his meteoric rise, he has not stopped doing what he does best, and that is turning wealth into more wealth. Now, his focus is turning what many investment bankers would call small peas into wealth, and he is making the American Dream that much more accessible to all.