The History of OSI Group is Tied to McDonald’s and Chicago

For more than a century, OSI Group has been innovating the world of food production. It all started in a meat market in Chicago run by a German immigrant named Otto in 1909. After the company grew to be a wholesale market, Otto gave a lot of the responsibilities for the company to his sons who continued to help the company grow even more. If you have ever eaten at McDonald’s, you have more than likely eaten a product that was produced by OSI Group. This is because the sons of Otto struck an important deal with the company that would later lead to them expanding to the international market of food production. Even today, they are still one of the few major suppliers that McDonald’s trusts to produce their food.

When the company began as a meat market, it only employed a few people as a small operation run by a German immigrant in Chicago. In 1928, Otto rebranded the company to Otto & Sons. As OSI Group has expanded, they have managed to employ tens of thousands of people in their facilities in 17 different countries. As of now, there are approximately 65 facilities with plans to open more in the near future as part of their extensive expansion plans. The company has grown to be a part of the economic history of the United States and the midwest in particular.

After World War II, the United States saw a large amount of expansion economically. The modern suburb became popular and they were popping up all over the country and people were looking for new ways to make their lives more convenient. It was this combination of factors and more that caused McDonald’s and subsequently OSI Group to grow so quickly in the United States and later the world. When McDonald’s started its expansion outside of the United States, OSI Group began theirs as well and opened their first international facility. McDonald’s has become one of the most recognizable brands throughout the world and while OSI may not be as well known, they have become very important as well.