OG Juan- The Bro Talk

Juan “OG” Perez is one of the closest friends of billionaire business mogul and rap extraordinaire Shawn “Jay Z” Carter. Sean Carter is the owner of the Roc Nation entertainment company. OG Juan is the Sports President of Roc Nation and his wife Desiree Perez is the COO of Roc Nation. They both are longtime friends of the Carters. Desiree is reported to be the backbone of Roc Nation. Sean Carter is well known for keeping his closest friends and family members in key positions and financially secure. His wife Beyoncé is also billionaire in her own right.

Earlier this year OG Juan celebrated his 50th birthday in high celebrity fashion by attending the best clubs and restaurants in Manhattan. The party included a $13k dinner at Zuma in Mid-town, a $9k round of drinks at Made in Mexico, and to top it off; the party wound down at Playroom, New York city’s finest celebrity hotspot. The price tag for this extravaganza was reported to be over $90,000.Sean Carter was happy to write a verse with the lyrics citing the birthday bill was on OG Juan and not on him.

That statement was reinforcing the fact that Sean Carter’s friends are wealthy enough to carry a $91,000 club bill on their own, without him having to pick up the tab. It was reported that 40 bottles Shawn Carter’s Ace of Spades premium champagne was passed around to other tables.OG Juan one grew up in Harlem and OG Juan attended Brandeis High School in mid-town Manhattan. He met Jay Z Sean Carter in 1996 a year after the Roc Nation label was formed.