Shafik Sachedina Opens state of the Art Gym for Community Residents

Doctor Shafik Sachedina owns the Sussex healthcare. The main focus of the healthcare facility is to provide support to people who are suffering from dementia. The facility offers its staff with continuous education facilities to ensure that they know of the recent development in dementia. He has always been passionate about entrepreneurship, and it’s led him to start the Sussex healthcare center. Shafik Sachedina has a compassionate team who provide residents with quality service. The Sussex healthcare also offers care for those who require neurological attention and those with illnesses like multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease, and Huntington’s disease. He is the chairman of the focus humanitarian assistance international coordinating committee. Shafik Sachedina first appointment began when he was 41 years.

Shafik Sachedina talks about the state of the art gym Sussex healthcare opened for its residents. The gym is open to individuals who have cognitive disabilities. The gym, located in West Sussex near Horsham, has state of the art equipment to improve movement. The gym boasts of stationary bicycles, free weights, elliptical machines, and underwater treadmills. The gym also has a pool with hot tubs and resistance currents suitable for hydrotherapy. It also has experts staff with extensive training in different areas such as neurological, respiratory and musculoskeletal. The fitness team members are qualified to work with individuals who have Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and other chronic ailments.

The program for fitness is open for adults who want to use the gym equipment. There are exercise plans to ensure that the resident not to lift too much weight. There are also programs to improve mobility. The specialist at the Sussex healthcare has programs to help those with mobility limitations. For instance, those with joint conditions are recommended to do swimming exercises the specialist has an understanding of how to handle different situations. Sussex healthcare facility has been in operation since 1985. Over the years, it has evolved to provide a wide variety of services. The healthcare center has expanded and now has over 20 facilities with most of them being in Sussex. Some of the activities offered by the facility include swimming, gardening, reminiscing, crafts and many more.